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What is a Medium? A crash course on who we are & the foundation of Spiritualism.

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

PSA: Spiritualism and Mediumship is changing and evolving as we speak. Spirit is ever evolving and God is limitless, which seems to make sense why it would be changing.



Do you know what a medium is? Have you seen the shows? Are mediums also psychics? Do we see dead people? (LOL).

I'd say, it's a 50/50 chance people know what I'm talking about. They're either confused, terrified or they're excited. Especially in my generation, not everyone knows what a medium is. As I've been developing and taking courses, I'm probably the youngest by 30 years (no kidding, everyone is 60+). Why? Either, they've had a few or even a particularly special individual cross over and they want to still know that they're around, and or they want to understand on some level what 'the other side' is like.

Mediums have appeared on Oprah. They've showcased world-renowned phenomenons. Still to this day, people raise their suspicions. But through and through, mediumship practices are available and accessible to everyone who is eager and open minded to learning.

For this one, I’m doing a bit of my own experience/knowledge, with a bit of help from good ole’ Arthur Findley (THE school for Spiritualism, which started in the 1400’s!). Their formal definition is: Mediumship involves co-operative communication between an individual and the spirit of one or more personalities in the spirit world.

Recently, I learned another super fantastic way to describe it. My current teacher Suzanne Giesemann described it as tapping into radio waves and frequencies. For instance, Psychics are able to tap into the aura and energy of the present individual, aka, a kind of “radio frequency.” With Mediumship, it’s just another kind of “radio frequency,” but it extends across the veil to those who have lived before us and passed.

Where some people get confused is, what is the difference between a psychic and a medium? Are psychics and mediums the same thing? Yes and no.

Fun fact: everyone is psychic, but not everyone can be a medium. Regardless, these practices shouldn’t be gate kept even if you don’t feel called to this work or feel limited (because they are meant to remind you that you’re limitless!)

There’s also different types of Mediumship, which I actually just recently learned.

  • Evidential Mediumship

  • Trance Mediumship

  • Physical Mediumship

*However, these are very technical terms and pretty old school. Some might even say, outdated. From my recent studies, physical mediumship and trance mediumship are actually the same thing. However, the old world practice of physical mediumship manifested differently.

Evidential is what I do! We are communicating with the other side, fully aware and conscious of what we’re doing and saying, while relaying important messages and evidence. It’s also known as Mental Mediumship, which is more modern. You know Laura Lynne Jackson, Tyler Henry, Suzanne Giesemann, etc.? They're all Evidential Mediums.

Trance is when the Spirit quite literally merges with the human body, and the medium is taken over by the Spirit, and fully embody the Spirit. It’s not possession, it’s actually quite the opposite. It’s really powerful. Probably one of the highest forms of surrender. Here's a more formal definition by Arthur Findley, which might make more sense. One day, I will be doing this. But for now, I channel! Which is still absolutely beautiful.

I learned about Physical Mediumship from the Netflix show, Surviving Death. There’s literally 3 episodes on it, at a school in Scandinavia. This mediumship is old, old, old world. You are in a dark room. There’s a whole ritual. At least how I understood, it’s a mix of Trance (because you embody the character of the Spirit), however, this involves a physical matter to come out of your body called ectoplasm. Ectoplasm is what will form literal molds of hands, feet, faces, etc. It’s wild. This is old school mediumship because people weren’t convinced yet—to put it so, so stupidly simple. Woohoo! Kinda gnarly, right? Trust me, I called Melissa Wallace and I was like WTF is this shit?! She broke down the history for me, because she knows everything like the goddess she is. This is old world because people didn’t believe back then. So of course, Spirit being the genius that Spirit is, they adapted and mediums surrendered. Now, we don’t have to subject ourselves to that kind of taxing mediumship. It’s still sacred, beautiful and nonetheless powerful, but no longer necessary.

If you'd like to learn more about this kind of Mediumship, simply follow the links within the blogs. I will also link them down here.

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