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Soul Path Sessions

You want more consistent support, rather than a one-off reading.

It’s time to lift the burden of uninspired and anxious days as we connect with your Divine Team and intertwine the power of Reiki. Not only will I do my part as a sacred vessel and messenger to provide wisdom, but this is a co-creative process with you. Experience my support, feel uplifted and receive infinite support across the veil.

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What's included:

Receive a bundle of four sessions (60 minute or 90 minutes) for consistent spiritual guidance. These Soul Path Sessions can interchange between Psychic Mediumship and Reiki III. During these sessions, we’ll uncover energetic blocks, past lives, connect with your gifts and meet your Spirit Team. Soul Path Sessions can be catered exactly to your needs, or we can go with the flow of Spirit. Plus, you'll receive 4-complimentary days of Voxer (text/voice message) Support between our calls!


I loved my session with Alexandra! Her incredibly gentle yet bright energy provided me with a fun, enlightening, and healing experience. The session was powerful, but in a way that felt very warm and positive — honestly the word that comes to mind is “magical.”

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Mentorship book

Soul Path Session

4X 60 min sessions


Soul Path Session

4 x 90 min sessions


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Why me?

  • I include you in the process of connecting to Spirit.

  • My goal is to always create a joyful, safe, and uplifting container.

  • My enthusiasm is infectious.

  • Passionate about creating memorable experiences.

  • My work as a spiritual practitioner is a 24/7 embodiment.  

  • A forever student with my spiritual growth.

  • I am to help you feel less alone and more empowered in your unique gifts.



You’re eager to feel more empowered and confident on your spiritual journey.

The Process: working with me

Before beginning our sessions, I will send a brief intake form. This will allow me to understand any goals or intentions you'd like to wish within our work together. We can have a clear goal in mind related to healing blocks, finding clarity, or, it can simply be a chance to work more consistently together and we figure it out as we move with Spirit and your Soul! With the information we have from our call and intake form, we can move into each session with an intention. You also receive 4-complimentary days of text/voice message support between sessions, which allows you to ask questions that come up & receive guidance before/after our time together. 

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You’re desperate to feel less “WTF” with your spiritual abilities and experiences, and more, “Okay, I GOT THIS!”


You are ready for Soul Path Sessions when:

✶ You’re looking for more consistent & intensive support. 

✶ You’re eager to feel more empowered & confident on your journey. 

✶ A single session was impactful & you’re looking forward to more!


✶ You like the idea of every session having a goal.

Frequent Questions

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How do I space out these 4 sessions?

Two sessions a month or one session a month. It’s important we leave enough space for integration and for grounded guidance. They will expire after 4 months.


Do I have to stick to one kind of session?

Each session can have a different focus. Prior to starting, I will have you fill out a super simple intake form to clarify any goals you may have or if you’re looking to go with the flow.


Does this come with Voxer Support?

By purchasing a bundle of Soul Path Sessions, you will receive 4 complimentary days of my Soulful Chatter Vox support. However, if you’d like to extend this, you may add a package of 4 days, 12 days, or 1-month.

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Mentorship book

Here’s to the luxury and ease of consistent support and joy, with yours truly (and Spirit of course!).

Book your Soul Path Sessions Today

Soul Path Session

4X 60 min sessions

$1,000 (PIF)

2-mo payment installment of $500

3-mo payment installment of $333

Soul Path Session

4X 90 min sessions

$1,260 (PIF)

2-mo payment installment of $630

3-mo payment installment of $420

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