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Reiki III Healings

  • You feel unbalanced, exhausted, uninspired or lost.

  • You feel energetically blocked.

  • You want to understand more of your Soul story (past lives, what may hold you back, karmic bonds, strengths, intuitive gifts).  

  • You have some physical ailments and or dis-ease. 

  • You’re looking for a healing session with a deeper dive.

My Promise

  • To embody the 5 precepts of Reiki: for today only, do not anger, do not worry, be humble, be honest in your work, be compassionate to yourself and others.

  • To be a pure conduit of Reiki for the highest good of ALL. 

  • To weave Reiki with psychic mediumship together, providing you with sacred healing and poignant messages.

  • To create a space for you that feels nourishing and authentic.

Image by Kaylee Brayne

In Sweet-spot reiki, I use reiki to open up your energy fields and chakras. Your chakras then guide me to where I need to unearth subconscious or conscious messages and stories. This knowledge will provide clarity, hope, healing, and empowerment. I will briefly mention who visits (Guides, Loved Ones, etc.). We begin the session with a brief conversation. If we are in-person, you relax and I perform reiki. Your experience every session is unique--it can feel like a deep slumber or you may experience physical reactions. All is wonderful, as you are just as much as a vessel as I am! If we are remote, we log off for an hour as I do my healing. After the hour, I discuss all the messages that came up and your overall experience. Or, if we're remote, we hop back on to our call and I discuss what came up. This is about a 90 minute window.


In Going-deep reiki, I will move through the same process of unearthing stories, patterns, and blocks from your chakras. However, you will receive more specific messages and connections to your Guides, Beings and or Loved Ones. This is absolutely wonderful in-person or remote. If we are in-person, you are welcome to record our session. If we are remote, we may record OR I may transcribe an email post-session.

Zach Graber

Alexandra—You were able to accurately observe parts of my life, from my past to present experiences, and understand how to approach things with a loving and healing spirit. I appreciated how things were laid out, and will understand that it will only continue to get even better as time goes on. I will always appreciate mediums like yourself and how healing, in a spiritual sense, can help us in every part of life. Thank you!

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Reiki Booking

Receive pure frequency healing, while receiving clarity, guidance and encouragement from the Other Side.

Ready to receive?

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Why me?

  • I include you in the process of connecting to Spirit.

  • My goal is to always create a joyful, safe, and uplifting container.

  • My enthusiasm is infectious.

  • Passionate about creating memorable experiences.

  • My work as a spiritual practitioner is a 24/7 embodiment.  

  • A forever student with my spiritual growth.

  • I am to help you feel less alone and more empowered in your unique gifts.



You’re eager to feel more empowered and confident on your spiritual journey.

The Process: working with me

I have three types of reiki sessions. Before every one, we take time to talk about what is coming up, questions you may have or to bring up anything that may be important for the practice. Then, we exit our chat; you may take a nap, do a workout, run errands, go scale a mountain. I can send Reiki from anywhere while you are doing anything! From root to crown, each chakra guides me to where I need to go. During this process, I receive messages, and welcome any guides, beings and or loved ones that are eager to come through and help. After my window is complete, we may hop back on our call as I discuss what came up during our session. This call is about 15 minutes. Regardless if you can take the call or not, I will send a detailed email of my notes–these notes contain messages from what came through during your Reiki healing. 


*If you are within a 5/10-mile radius from my home, I can drive to you for an in-person session. This will alter the format of the session and be an extra cost.*


Let your Soul be seen in the way it's never been seen before. I can't wait to be your cheerleader, healer, guide and spiritual bff!


Who Reiki is for:

✶ You’re experiencing physical ailments or discomfort; injury, inflammation, stagnation, recovery, low immune system.

✶ Suffering from dis-ease.

✶ Energetic blocks, drained energy, limiting beliefs, can’t seem to quit negative habits.

✶ You’re a Reiki-regular and would like to find a practitioner that fits your needs and one you get along with (Hello!)

✶ You’re seeking a container to assist you during your spiritual journey, wherever you’re at.

Frequent Questions

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Will anything happen during a session?

It really depends! All I hope for is that I leave you feeling nourished, uplifted and at ease. As much as I commit myself to a vessel of Spirit and Reiki, this is also a co-creative process. You play an integral part in every session.


Which reiki session is best for me?

Sweet-spot reiki is perfect for exploring energetic blocks and recovering stories from a soul level. These sessions will leave you with deeper clarity on maybe “why” habits have formed, events have transpired, certain relationships are in your life, the list is extensive! As for Going-deep, this is a brilliant session for anyone who’d super into a session like Sweet-spot, but wants to connect deeper with their Guides, have more reiki time and receive mediumship messages.

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Reiki Booking

Receive pure frequency healing, while receiving clarity, guidance and encouragement from the Other Side.

Ready to receive?

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