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If you have found yourself here, HELLO. I am insanely over the moon. 

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This the Embody Your Soul Podcast. I am your host Alexandra Shelly. Not only am I 20-something seasoned Copywriter, fresh entrepreneur, but I’m also a Psychic Medium, Channeler and Intuitive.

My mission is to help you tap into your divine self through spiritual connection and practices.

Every Wednesday, I’ll dive into topics of manifestation, spiritual connections, readings, my own work, health, wellness and everything in between. It goes without saying that you will definitely be meeting some gorgeous experts of various fields that will support and teach us along the way. 

Visit my services page to book a reading and follow me on instagram at @themodernmedium_

I cannot wait for you guys to join me on this journey. You have opened the door to your divine self.

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We begin life with a clean slate and a fresh soul—ready to absorb, learn and be a sponge of life. Although it is a magical thing, the dark side of this is that we end up attaching stories to ourselves that don’t belong to us, go down paths that hurt us, and live life so far away from who we are. 

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