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"Lucy's no average

psychic medium,

I'm absolutely

blown away!"

L.S. Townsville, QLD

Psychic Medium Townsville Australia
International Seer
& Inner Truth Expert

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"Lucy truly amazed me... I felt like she had known me my whole life. The connection was strong & real... valuable guidance & incredible insight..."


Sally, 1hr accurate psychic reading with Lucy Day.

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Are you feeling more lost than ever? Overwhelmed with thoughts of the future? Fearful of chaotic world events? Questioning your career? Scared to make a decision?


2021 has come at us like a bullet train with no warning. Across the world, life as we know it has changed immeasurably leaving us all confused, scared and worried for the future. 


As a proven channel of The Truth, Lucy has received many communications recently asking her to guide people specifically through the tough times ahead. How we live, what we do, where we go and who we meet, are all part of The Pathway given to us at birth. To navigate our way through life smoothly, we are given our intuition - to guide us and help us make decisions. But with information overload being so heavy right now, it’s almost impossible for most of us to hear The Truth. 


As such, Lucy has agreed (from August 2021) to help those who want to live an authentic, healthy, aligned life and who want to thrive through the next 5 years, not just survive. 


From 2021, Lucy only reads for those who want to create harmony in their: health, relationships, careers, homes, friendships. Those who want to strengthen their connection to their own Divine Power and use their Intuition to get through the tough times with strength and conviction will benefit from her incredible insight. 


If this is you, click here to connect with Lucy today (her readings sell out incredibly fast). 

All Lucy needs is a selfie photo : she'll inspire you to take control of your life, face your demons head on and live your life with courage and strength.

Why me? 

Thank you so much. Every word is indeed deeply connected to me.

Incredibly insightful and accurate. Your gift is beautiful.


Thank you again for your guidance and wisdom with this. I know this was a challenging one. You delivered it so beautifully with compassion. "


Nicole, Accurate psychic reading, June 2017. by Lucy Day, International Psychic Medium, Queensland, Australia. 

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Psychic Readings Townsville Australia
Best psychic reading Townsville Australia

"Best I've had in 10 years... Lucy blew my mind" 

I've had a few psychic readings in my time all but no one has been quite like you. You were welcoming and calm... I loved that you don't use tarot cards or ask questions and you just blew my mind about what you knew about me the whole time. I was thinking how could you possibly know that? You even picked up on things that were only thoughts in my own head too which was amazing. 


You honestly gave me the best reading I have had in 10 years... I have told so many people about you and how amazing you are.

Jackie, Australia. In-depth 1hr psychic reading with Lucy Day, Queensland, Australia.  

"Lucy gave me the confidence I needed to really believe in myself again"

"So many moments that I blurted out 'Wow!' and 'Oh my Goodness!' as every time you spoke you were telling me my life, my past and the future I dream about and it totally blew me away


I was a little nervous but your lovely calm and friendly voice quickly put me at ease. I'm still on a high from my session and have honestly never experienced anything like it before. You knew things about me that no one knows about me, you explained my relationship with my husband better than I could.  


The personal things you said about the kind of work I want to do, honestly took my breath away. I've already told so many friends and family about you and they have all got your details so they can experience what I did. Thank you for giving me the confidence I needed to really believe in myself again, I will always be forever grateful and look forward to having another session with you again soon. 


E.O. Townsville, Australia. 1/2hr psychic reading with Psychic Medium Lucy Day, Queensland, Australia.

Life Coaching Townsville Australia

"Guidance and reassurance without an ounce of judgement" 

It’s been a week since my psychic reading with you Lucy and I’m still thinking of - and amazed by, things that you said.


Your accuracy in describing myself, my family and friends (both here and passed on) was incredible.  It was like many of your previous clients have said, you peer into someone’s soul and offer both guidance and reassurance without an ounce of judgement.  


Great to know everything is as it should be at this point in time.  Thank you kindly again for your reading Lucy - you truly have a gift so thank you for sharing it.  I can’t wait for our next psychic reading!

Megan, 1hr accurate psychic reading with Lucy Day, International Psychic Medium, Queensland, Australia. 

Psychic Workshops Townsville Australia
"Thank you so much for the wonderful email psychic reading. It is honestly the most helpful psychic reading I've ever had. So many things that are crazily spot on - every word of it resonates. I'll be re-reading the email over and over because there is so much there... it's far more detailed than I expected.
You really nailed my (late) Dad's personality, and mine. It's funny you mentioned animal whispering because I'd already considered doing your Animal Communication Course! I don't know how you know so much but I absolutely love this email psychic reading and feel so blessed to have found you. I can't thank you enough."
Cheri, Australia. Email Psychic Reading from a selfie (photograph). April 2017. by Lucy Day, Queensland, Australia

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Clairvoyant Psychic Medium Lucy Day is situated in Noosa, Queensland, Australia but gives accurate psychic email readings and psychic phone readings to her clients all over the world (UK, Australia, America, USA, New Zealand, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Japan, Holland, Norway and more from just a selfie (photograph) - email psychic readings and phone psychic readings.