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What are 'Windows of Opportunity,' what they mean & how to take advantage of them.

Maybe you're reading this with a big question mark on your face. If you are, let me give you a brief definition. Every so often, we are shown Divine windows, which are ideal opportunities to take advantage of. Take advantage of what, you may be asking? This could mean, the creative energy, or the space to reflect, or even a scenario to end a relationship--the timing feels too damn kismet. No matter what, we will always have a chance to take advantage to create or say yes. However, these windows are particularly charged--with Divine guidance and/or what's going on in the stars.

When we make a decision--whether it's to start a new job, or a new relationship, our decisions create the beginning of an energy loop. In order for this energy loop to be fulfilled, we must close it. These windows of opportunities give us a change to close or begin this energy loop in the smoothest way possible. It may feel intense, or it may feel incredibly easeful. But trust me, when you look back, your consciousness will recognize the pieces of the puzzle and shake your head in delight…


About two weeks ago, I thought Hinge would be a fun idea. I'm newly single and I thought it would be a good exercise to me to start putting myself out there, now that I am grounded in myself (night and day from 4 years ago). I start chatting to some cuties, and by Monday, I was set to go on two dates. Not only that, two dates on the same day! I thought I was pretty badass, tbh. I will also add--I made sure to add myself to this Facebook Group, Are We Dating the Same Guy? Los Angeles (There's one per city!!). I posted a photo of one of them, and in fact, it was the one I was feeling most sexually attracted to. I said, Ladies, I might be going on a date with this man. Spill the tea!

Wednesday comes around. The first date, which was going to be a coffee walk, canceled because he accidentally sailed to Catalina. Goodbye, Sailor Jerry! A few hours pass, the second date has to cancel. We hop on the phone and he says he caught a cold and would hate to get me sick, just incase. I'm flattered by how thoughtful he is, accept the cozy night in, and plan for a date in a few weeks due to me traveling.

Friday, June 9th. I'm jamming on a podcast edit and I get a sudden nudge to check the Facebook page. It's been a week, right? Not only are there three comments on the photo I posted, but the comments all talk about how this guy is… let's be kind here… NOT a fit for me. LOL. One girl spoke about how he took her to his favorite restaurant, and the waitress said, “Welcome back!” because he has taken multiple dates there…!!

I find this information out, half cackling, half bummed, with a smidge of shame. I'm a mother f*ckin' Psychic Medium! How did I not catch this? However, I knew what was in front of me. I had this Divine Window of Opportunity to shut this down. I deleted Hinge and blocked his number.

Now, this may seem like it wasn't really a window, but let's flip the coin on this. If I were to continue this energy loop, I would've ignored those comments and given this guy the benefit of the doubt, thinking I'll be the girl to change him. Or engage with him, being slightly honest about what I saw and maybe this would start some weird drama. Regardless, there was also an opportunity to keep this going, because we did have a date planned and we were actively texting. I also could've continued this loop, in another direction, by continuing my time on Hinge… But, I saw this as the PERFECT window for a multitude of reasons:

I never met him, only spoke with him for 4 days total. I also realized how anxious I felt being on Hinge. With all these pieces coming together, it, again, was the perfect window of opportunity to shut it down.

Now that I've done that, I am feeling present, way less anxious and deeply grateful for how protected, guided and supported I am.

How to spot Windows of Opportunity

And it sort of goes in this order...

  1. Everything seems to be lined up. This can be with timing, location, people, conversations.

  2. Divine intervention. These don't need to be groundbreaking or dramatic. Unless it is, it must be a very urgent matter. However, this can feel like a fluttering your solar plexus, or a leap in your heart to act on something.

  3. You feel a light bulb within you; this light bulb can be the truth, or a glint of your intuition telling you something. It's almost as if the veil as been pulled back. Now that you KNOW, you can't unsee or undo.

  4. You feel intensely in the Present moment.

  5. You can't help but feel, 'The timing was perfect.' That's because it was.

PSA: You have chances everyday. However, Windows of Opportunity isn't just about timing. It's also about the ENERGY. That's why these exist for us, because the energy is set perfectly on our Soul's timeline in order for this all to play out.

Perhaps, you chicken out or where in a whirlpool of craziness, and missed the Window of Opportunity...

  1. Reflect and process your experience. What have you learned so far?

  2. Give yourself grace. It's easy to be immediately hard on yourself. But know that we chose to be in the human experience in order to learn and grow.

  3. Calm your nervous system around this scenario, so you can begin to feel Present in your Intuition.

  4. Once you are able to achieve a window of Presence and Intuition, reflect on when the next best time would be. This doesn't mean finding the logically perfect time for you or for them. Logic doesn't do well in Windows of Opportunity. Windows of Opportunity are all Divine, and not necessarily here to appease the ego (even though, they tend to. But that should be the least of your motives). This timing could be mean in a few hours, tomorrow, or next month. The most important thing is to make this decision when you are feeling Present and in your Intuition.

  5. Once you've decided on the best time, for your aligned self, take action. This sounds annoying and vague, but if you're reading this, you already know that you've had that feeling of the "nudge" or "Divine intervention." And if you're shaking your head, I wish I could give you a loving *knock* on the head :) Because you ARE incredibly intuitive and magical.

Okay, so we did it! You're a badass and you're taking advantage of the infinite magic that's within you and available to you!!!! Even if you think you're the most ridiculous human and you're doubtful AF, know that I am your biggest cheerleader. I hope these words bring a smile, a sparkle of hope and a kick in the butt to TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOUR WINDOWS.


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