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I got a sign from the Universe... What does this mean? How do I ask the Universe for a sign?

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Signs are probably one of the most important elements of my Mediumship practice; and it was only up until a few months ago. They're also one of the many ways God/Spirit/The Universe communicates with us and once you open yourself up to them, can never turn away from the magic.



Okay, so what the heck are Signs?

In my own definition: Signs are anything that elicits a Soul reaction in order to communicate guidance, support, love and or protection. It's interesting because before reading Laura Lynne Jackson's book, Signs: The Secret Language of the Universe, I didn't really have a specific sign. Here's a very simple and paraphrased version from her is, "a message sent to you by the Universe." And, "A method of communication from the Other Side." (p. xviii Introduction). Signs are also massive indicators that we are all God and Universal energy. We are all so deeply connected. Our Souls are beyond us. They are expansive, loving, joyful and magical. Just like any language, this is God's way of communicating with our Soul—Soul to Soul.

Where do they come from?

But who is behind all this? The way I like to think of it, is that Signs are ultimately all from one source—God, The Universe, Divine, however you'd like to call it—however, are conspired by a specific Soul. This can be a departed loved one, a Spirit Guide, or simply God energy. We have a Spirit Squad on the Other Side that consists of all those peeps, and they are what support us 24/7.

In my own words of what a Sign means to me, I specifically say that it gives you a Soul reaction. When you see a Sign, and it results in a bodily, emotional, Soulful reaction, that is God Source energy speaking to you. It's the kind of Signs that cannot possibly be an accident. Screw the skeptics, because holy heck was that divine.

What exactly are examples of Signs?

Signs from God energy, Guides or loved ones can really be anything. Spirit holds some default signs, which are objects and elements that already carry a lot of God source energy. For instance, any living creature or plant. This can also be light (i.e. rainbows). They also love communicating in numbers, AKA Angel Numbers! But here's the important thing to know: Spirit is limitless. Here are some examples:

Laura Lynne Jackson gives an example of asking Spirit for a Sign using oranges. Moments later she saw HUNDREDS of oranges.

I asked Spirit to show me a seahorse and 30 minutes later, I was scrolling on a Tik Tok page that lead me to a random jeweler that led me to her SEAHORSE RING.. I'm telling you.. They can really creative.

The day before, I was inspired to ask Spirit what they'd like their Signs to be (inspired by this book, duh). My maternal grandmother chose a rose, which makes a ton of sense because generationally, we adore roses. The following morning I had to drive to Orange County and I woke up feeling incredibly low and discouraged. Once I got home, my mom said, "Bebe, my doctor recommended I get you this Rose oil and Rose spray. I guess it helps raise your vibration?!" I'm sorry... what!!!! That was spot on and creative and intuitive in every way.

Have you ever received a Sign?

Do you have a favorite song, animal, plant, smell, person, quote or phrase, place? Maybe you heard a song in a random cafe out of town, or saw a billboard with a phrase, or saw an animal that reminded you of someone/something? I'm sure when that happens you go, "Woah, what the heck. (So and so) is listening/here with us." That's because they absolutely are. And when you do experience that, soak it in. Thank God. Thank your Guides. Thank your loved ones. Thank YOU for allowing yourself to receive. And keep receiving. Keep your eyes (mind, body and Soul) out for more!

Can you keep asking for them? Duh! This is exactly what God/Spirit/Universe is here for. They are here to support you in every single dang way. In fact, we do not ask enough from them.

And like I said before, THANK THANK THANK. Gratitude is key. Spirit doesn’t ask for anything in return, but gratitude = joy = love = ALL THE GOOD FEELS. When they know you love it, oh boy do they get excited and they keep going!

Should you pick a Sign?

Yes and no! The rainbow was chosen by Spirit and now it’s my thaaannngggg. But heck yes, I ask Spirit to show me random ass signs to let me know I did the right thing or embodied Spirit in the best way. Both are wonderful options. I suggest and actually encourage you do both. That's one of the most joyful parts about Spirit, is they are here to play with you! They want you to explore your Soul, and exploring your Soul is having faith, and having faith is allowing something Higher to guide the way to your Highest good.

Paying attention to a Sign when it comes to a big decision, AKA me before I ended my 9-5, I knew that was Spirit communicating; affirming me of my decision and that there is something better out there for me. Now, I see rainbows nonstop. I know I am following my divine path, allowing the mystery of what exactly will happen but knowing whole-heartedly that I am being guided to my absolute God-given purpose.

Excited yet?! Here's how to ask the Universe / God / Spirit for signs:

When, where and how do you feel most at peace and closest to your Soul? Maybe you're on the beach with your feet feeling the waves lap your ankles. Maybe you're driving back home and jamming out to your favorite song. Maybe you're praying with your journal, candles, crystals and whatever you vibe with. It does not matter where you are. You can simply ask, "Hey (God, Spirit, Guides, Universe, Loved Ones, or even a specific loved one), give me a Sign. Let me know you're here." It can be simply asking them to let you know that they're here, or, if you made the right decision. Again, you can never ask too much of them. In fact, we don't ask for enough support.

I hope this helped, resonated or just simply reminded you of who are xxxxx

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