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8 books that were essential for my spiritual journey.

Updated: May 23, 2022

If you know me, I am hopelessly in love with books and have become so parallel to my intimate life events. For instance, whatever I’m going through, a book is evidentially by my side. At times it’s for a conscious decision. Other times, I realize its synchronicity and magic afterwards.

Here are the 8 books that have been essential to my spiritual journey. I’ll not only share my thoughts, reflections and memories with each book, but specify by timeline and provide links to online vendors that support second hand bookstores and local bookstores. If that's not your favored option, find these books at your local bookstore.

Keep in mind, when it comes to searching for, 'best books for a spiritual journey,' there will be ones that are tried and true, and ones that may not resonate with you, but resonate with others. The perfect way to go about finding your next read for your spiritual awakening is to keep an open mind, explore many of them by simply asking your peers, researching and/or finding out what your spiritual role models/mentors read. The books you will come across are unique to your path. I truly believe that each book I read, my Soul is ready to be there. Random example, but years ago, I read a Toni Morrison book in a college class. None of it resonated. Over a year ago, I went on a complete Toni binge. She's now one of my favorite authors. This is because I was hungry for a creative re-awakening.


2016 - 2017: Post-college.

When I graduated college, I was deeply depressed, in a toxic relationship, didn’t have a job and lived at home with my parents. It sounds like I was in a miserable place (which, emotionally I was), but physically blessed to be home. In this period, this is when my love for reading began. Between May and September, I spent my time reading books. In fact, I plowed through 25-ish. I started my journey with traditional self-help books geared towards values, personal success and healing.

The Road Less Traveled by Scott Peck, M.D.

This masterpiece of a book are pages bound with traditional values, love and timeless wisdom. His chapter on Serendipity was one of the most impactful on my spiritual journey. It allowed me to recognize God’s magic and how it plays out in our everyday lives.

Think and Grow Rich for Women by Sharon Lecther

There’s no doubt this is the book that helped me crystallize my desire to become an entrepreneur. It also showed me that successful women aren’t money hungry—they’re women of impact, joy and of deep faith. I will read this book over and over again.

The Self Acceptance Project: How to be Kind and Compassionate Toward Yourself in Any Situation by Tami Simon and various authors.

I remember this so clearly the day I found it and the emotional experience I had reading this book. I was with one of my dearest friends from college at a bookstore, the Boulder Bookstore. I was in a heavily depressive state. I need to search for something that would hug me with its words. I found this book and it did just that. Every chapter is written by a different author of some expertise (mostly therapists, psychiatrists, etc.).

East of Eden by John Steinbeck

One of Steinbeck’s most celebrated works, East of Eden is a fictional tale taking place in Northern California between two families, who illustrate the “modern” Book of Genesis. I loved the way Steinbeck was able to write on human connection, relationships, family trauma and surrendering. This wasn’t necessarily a religious-forward book and I’m not super well-versed on the Bible. However, East of Eden was a book that showed me how divine storytelling can be.


2017 - 2018/2019-ish: Figuring this stuff out.

I recall this time as claiming myself as a creative human. I’ve been this deep soul with a need for a powerful outlet. The hard part was the pragmatics, or how to even articulate my soul’s desires amongst a room full of family members who don’t understand. These books helped me begin to ground, understand the feeling of journeying off onto my path and embracing who I am. I look back and dang, this was the baby, baby steps to me embracing myself. But at least I got a start.

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

I was getting closer to my soul and opened up my relationship with God/Universe, etc. I just knew I felt this deep connection but didn’t know how to start. So, I started diving into more of these self-help, spiritual, explorative books. This book will be on your nightstand forever, or even just with you forever. I’ve never not met someone who adored this book. It connects with everyone. It’s for everyone. The lessons in this book are powerful and it’s because they’re so simple. I think about these 4 agreements almost everyday.

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelo

We all love this book. It’s not even a cliche thing. It’s just because it’s magic. What’s genius about this book is it’s truly going back to ancient wisdom and HOW it’s passed along—through STORIES. Coelo gorgeously helps us walk with the main character on his path to greatness and beauty. However, I do need to read it again. It’s one I’ll need to reread forever probably. But who am I kidding, I need to reread ALL of these books.

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

This was one of THE MOST important books for my creative career. I just knew that I wanted this life. And the beautiful thing about Elizabeth and this book is that it’s not asking you to sell all your belongings and live in a van to become an artist. It’s showing us that we are the true embodiment of art, that creativity is the essence of our soul. She merely shows us how we can discover that magic within ourselves and embrace it with WHATEVER we do.

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

I added this book as a part of this journey because it really was. I also read it in two days so, maybe a lot hasn’t stuck. However, case in point, it taught me one of the most important factors of living a beautiful life and simply moving through obstacles: presence.


2020 - present: I’m balls deep.

Crap. This is where a lot took place. This was during lockdown, while living at home with my At the time, he was moving through his own personal obstacles alongside my own. It was a time of deep healing, forgiveness, lessons and peeling back the layers. This is when I truly and wholeheartedly became one with Spirit.

Wild by Jay Griffiths

This book is my favorite book of all time. A recommendation from a dear friend I met that spring, him and I were very similar in the way we seek meaningful experiences in the world. This is a nonfiction book about a woman who goes on a seven year journey across the world to articulate and experience the pure, unabashed Earth, and how the elements connect to the human mind. This book was a deep spiritual experience for me because it made me realize what we’ve forgotten, what we continue to ignore, and how insanely connected we really are to the planet and to each other. To be honest, I could write pages and pages on this book but I need to keep it short.

Oneness by Rasha

This is THE most important book of my spiritual journey. Rasha channeled this entire beauty from Source. What’s interesting about this book is either you get it or you don’t; you’re ready or you’re not. Immediately, I understood where I was, who I was, how I was a Soul on this Earth. Every time I opened up the book to my daily chapter, it was exactly what I needed at that moment. I read it twice within a couple months, and it will be a book I’ll reread forever.

Signs: The Secret Language of the Universe by Laura Lynne Jackson

For my birthday, my dear friend Kathleen gifted me some books—one of them was Signs: The Secret Language of the Universe. I was not only surprised by how wonderful it was, but it truly inspired me. I sometimes sound corny talking about books that inspire me, because I feel like that’s just like every book and it’s a vague adjective for when people are looking for one. Regardless, this book deeply impacted me. It’s the reason why Spirit has gifted me with beautiful signs (rainbows!), the reason my soul is now more observant to what Spirit has to tell me, and inspires me to truly spread the message. No doubt, this book is something I can literally go on top of a mountain top and scream about because that’s truly how it makes me feel. It makes me adore life and be so enamored by Spirit’s magic.

The Journey of Souls by Michael Newton, PhD (Current Read)

Even though I’ve watched a couple of shows about the concept of crossing over, near death experiences, and at least have my own experience with Spirit, this is a FASCINATING perspective and literal study on what happens when we cross over. Each chapter is an assembly of case studies through Dr. Newton’s guidance and care, while he enables them through hypnosis to journey to the other side. I now have a better understanding of how people feel when they die, who they see when they cross over, what it's like getting there, etc. Again, a lot of this is also individualistic because of just who we are. However, the feelings are always the same—loving, safe, supported, warm and deeply sacred. I can’t wait to finish this book to have a deeper synopsis.


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