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Let's do this!

I am completely devoted to your expansion and here to support you from start to finish. Oftentimes, it’s easy for clients to get a reading and feel really lost afterwards. I’m here to cheer you on, support you, guide you and hold space for you. I want to make you feel over the moon about your spiritual evolvement. Let’s do this! 


I am not a licensed therapist, psychiatrist, psychologist, medical doctor, or dietitian. These are simply messages coming from Spirit, and can be taken as they resonate or they don’t. If there is ever an emergency, please see a licensed medical practitioner or registered professional in the area that suits your needs. I am happy to support you to my capacity, however, I advise you to seek immediate professional or familial help for emergency needs.


My experience with Alexandra was UNREAL! I felt so incredibly safe and calm in her presence it actually made me very emotional. She was able to communicate with one of my spirit guides and helped me unlock a whole new level of me. I feel so empowered and reassured from this experience. I would 1000000x recommend her to anyone wanting to connect with spirit/universe. I am eternally grateful to Bebe for this I will definitely be visiting her again.



Let's Chat!


I’m here for any questions you may have. Or, if you’re interested in a collaboration, speaking engagement, sponsorships, etc.

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