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Frequently asked questions about Mediumship.

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

When people hear the word “Psychic” or “Medium” there’s some raised eyebrows—either in confusion or suspicion. Even when I stepped into this professional realm I was like “What the heckin’ bob is going on?!” I still do sometimes!



When people hear the word “Psychic” or “Medium” there’s some raised eyebrows—either in confusion or suspicion. Even when I stepped into this professional realm I was like “What the heckin’ bob is going on?!” I still do sometimes! But that’s life in general. Life experience comes with experience, just like anything we seek to master. I’m also not going to be aggressive with these, because myth busters in this segment can get feisty (which I don’t want to be a part of). I kept these simple and sweet. I hope you resonate.

Intention is the name of the game.

In my Mediumship courses, there’s a fair majority of students that aren’t tapped in yet. The chat is filled with, “Still don’t feel anything…” “I can’t see anything,” “Nothing is happening.” Although they may not feel anything or see anything, they’re missing the greatest point of all. It’s all about the intention. Even if you see rainbows and butterflies, or you see nothing, the intention of it all means everything. People also think that we need to meditate for hours and levitate. Absolutely not. First of all, I maybe meditate for 20 minutes. MAYBE. My energy runs fast, so quicker meditations are mostly what happen. However! The point is, whether you meditate, pray or connect to God and the Spirit Team through heavy metal and power walks; doing your skincare routine, dancing in the kitchen; singing Elivs in the shower; when you connect with God and the Spirit Team, the intention is everything. Also, if you’re not a medium, these practices exist for anyone else. We ALL have access to this magical realm of being. Why? Because our energy is limitless and our intention sets the tone every single time.

Zoom is JUST as effective.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about in-person readings. First things first, energy is limitless. If Spirit was limited by screens, I don’t think I’d be doing this. I take all my courses online and I feel the energy immensely, every single time. It’s also nice because you are in the energy of YOUR space. Second: Trust me, the dream is to have a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment with hardwood floor, updated appliances, a dog named Banana, and one of the bedrooms for clients. TRUST ME, I’M WORKIN’ ON IT. However, Zoom is the best I can do. And the best A LOT of Mediums/healers can do.

We all have a Team.

This one makes me smile. It doesn’t matter how gifted you are, who you are, age, race, gender, faith, orientation, etc. We ALL have a Spirit Squad. And it’s incredible. You may still be asking, “I don’t have any loved ones that have crossed over?” Don’t you fret. We each have Guardian Angels, and a Spirit Guide. A couple things on this: guides can also be ancestors and guides multiply. When the time comes for a loved one to cross over, they actually become a part of your Spirit Squad. The most beautiful part about this is that God’s love is limitless. He has left no human or living creature behind. Each and every single one of us has 24/7 access to God and a hype crew to go with it. THAT’S HOW SUPPORTED WE ARE… I think it’s pretty sweet.

Be connected YOUR way.

No, you don’t have to spend a million dollars on crystals. No you don’t have to go to Burning Man. No, you don’t need to become anything at all. In fact, God wants you to be the most authentic and beautiful you. Ask yourself, what does that mean to you? Maybe it means all of those examples I mentioned above—go frickin’ crazy! Essentially, He wants you to feel so unbelievably supported, so that you can begin to eliminate what no longer serves you and cultivate what does. For me—I don’t go to frequent breathwork classes or have tons of crystals or live in the desert (literally, if you do, that’s amazing). I dance in my underwear with the music turned up, sage-ing my apartment, hollering out manifestations. That’s one of the many ways I pray. Why? Because that’s one of the ways I connect that’s authentic to me.

Mediums are very real.

It breaks my heart in two that there are bad apples out there in this industry. It also makes me upset that there’s constant fake accounts trying to scam beautiful humans. It’s like any industry—there’s the bad apples that make it less delightful. However, here’s two things to keep in mind. Number one, trust your intuition on who you connect with and meet. Even if you don’t know if they're a Medium, you INSTANTLY know that they’re an incredible human. They make you feel seen, supported, you feel wonderful around them. Again, it’s like any industry. Even though we all possess a Soul and higher Self, we are ultimately human. We have free will. We get tangled in our emotions, Earthly circumstances, and mistakes that can hook us in. Number two, our experiences are very real. For years and years, we’ve felt ostracized and crazy. We’ve been burned at the stake, hung, you name it. Now we don’t live in that world anymore, thank goodness, and we have rights and freedom. However, respect our practice. It’s time, it’s energy, it’s love.

If you all have any more questions about how a session goes, Mediumship, or any lingering curiosities, please feel free to either check out my FAQ page or email me at hello@embodyyoursoulc.o


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