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Am I psychic? The six different psychic abilities & how to know if you have them.

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Psychic Mediumship continues to astound me. Everyday, I fall in love with Spirit all over again, because it’s a true practice of being in tune with your body. And I believe there is nothing more peaceful, centered and surrendered than listening, feeling and understanding your body.

So, Clairs. They all have to do with the senses. We can say five, but here we’re saying six, because there are 6! When it comes to Psychic Mediumship, there are a couple schools of thought. One says that everyone can be a Medium. Which, I personally disagree with. This may be controversial, but I really believe that the gift is based on lineage or ancestry, a Soul’s contract, and the makeup of you—which you could say Astrology. The other school of thought is the one I resonate with the most, is that everyone can be a Psychic (yay!) but not everyone can be a Medium. However, the good news is that you can still enjoy the meditations, the practices and use the spiritual tools in your daily life. Why? Because they’re here to raise the vibration of you and of humanity as a whole. Because they bring color, peace and clarity. And lastly, they are fantastic tools for when it comes to coping with any sort of pain.

So, you may be asking, do I have psychic abilities? Am I clairvoyant or clairaudient? My goal with this blog is to help you either understand if you have these abilities or answer some underlying questions if you in fact are Clairvoyant, or if you are Clairsentient, etc.

Let's go!

Clairvoyant. This is the ability to see. My teacher, Suzanne Giesemann, who I just adore with every cell of my being, broke a myth that I thought was the case for a while and kind of made me feel not great enough (even though, silly me, I can absolutely see Spirit!). She said that it’s a myth that Psychic Mediums can literally see a physical embodiment of Spirit. The ‘seeing’ takes place in the mind’s eye, aka the third eye.’ It’s interesting. It may sound confusing and weird, but for instance, I can absolutely see the facial features, physical body, clothes, moving mouth, everything of the Spirit. I can also see settings, events, or them motioning something. However, when energy is extremely strong and the message is urgent, Spirit does come in the physical being, or in some way, you do ‘see’ Spirit. For instance, the other night, I saw a figure whoosh past me as I was reading. I was like, “Heh?” I looked over at my bag hanging on my bookshelf, and it was slightly rocking. I had zero windows open and the fan wasn’t on. I smirked, “I see you!” Personally, when that happens to me, I try to tap in because I know they want to say hello or relay an important message.

Clairaudient. This is the ability to hear Spirit. Whether this is Spirit talking to you, or you hear the noise of a car engine, music, etc. as Spirit tries to communicate with you. Again, this sounds like you can imagine it, right? We’re all a little crazy and can hear things (ammaright? Just kidding). But truly, when you hear Spirit speaking to you, you feel the love from the message, peace is laced in every syllable. The only thing that invalidates a clairaudient message is your ego. And really, that goes with anything. This is not as common amongst Psychic Mediums, but is however one of the main clairs. For instance, most of my guides are talkative, or at least relay messages through this clair. This is also how I receive channeled messages in some ways. It’s being said to me, then through me, and feels automatic—I’m not actively thinking about it or typing it out, yet it’s coming through me from the other side.

Clairsentient. This is the ability to feel Spirit; there’s the literal physical sense of feeling their touch, weight or presence with you, or there is the emotional, empathetic sense of Spirit imparting emotions. Two examples: one, is when my Master Guide Ishmael comes in, I feel him merging with me through my forehead. I feel a weight pressing against it, and lifting up almost like a magnet (I’m writing it and thinking, damn, the reader will be like ??? LOL). The second example is one time I was giving a reading for a dear friend. In the middle of my opening prayer/vocation to Spirit, I was crying laughing—literally could not, for the life of me, get through this prayer! I was like, “What the heck is going on, this prayer isn’t really funny?” I then realized it was her Uncle coming through. When they’d go to church together, he’d always joke around during the service which would end up in uncouth laughter during a quiet Catholic ceremony. If you ask me, I think that’s hysterical. What’s super important about this clair is that when the body validates, the mind can’t dispute. I’m very blessed to have this as one of my stronger senses, but for others, I believe it’s super critical to develop.

Claircognizant. This is the ability to absolutely, intuitively and psychically know with every sense of your being. Whether, you absolutely know it’s a certain Spirit based on their image, presence, or voice. Or, Spirit presents you an object and you know for sure that it is the sitter’s grandmother’s best friend’s hair clip she kept after she passed away. The beautiful thing about this clair is that it’s really also just honing in on your intuitive skills. Psychic Mediums can develop this skill even further by creating symbol libraries (i.e., when Spirit presents a red rose, that means love, or they loved someone. Or even a symbol for ‘yes’ and ‘no’ can be a thumbs up or thumbs down) and creating placements for when Spirit comes in. As us Psychic Mediums and lightworkers develop our skills, we gradually grow our Spirit team. And let me tell you, we got a lot of peeps coming in! It’s just like mapping out a calendar or organizing your refrigerator: relatives go here, men go here, guides go here, etc. That way, when a Spirit comes in, you’re like oh heck ya! You’re a Grandpa on the maternal side!

Clairgustance and Clairolfactance . Clairgustance is the ability to taste and Clairolfactance is the ability to smell.. Such fun ones, right?! This is a back-burner-ish clair for fellow Psychic Mediums and lightworkers. Sometimes it’s very subtle, other times it’s really, really pungent. A clear and memorable example of this is when I was in Suzanne Giesemann’s class. First of all, my favorite human. She is incredible. Second, there were so many people on this call. Guess……. 800! 8-freakin-hundred! How insane. Third, and actually getting to the example, I smelled and tasted so many random scents. One class I was tasting bread and butter—P.S.A. I am gluten, dairy and canola oil intolerant so bread and butter do not exist in my life’s pantry—red wine, cologne, perfume, flowers. It was wild. I wasn’t really focused on figuring out who was who at the moment, because I was trying to pay attention (hah!). And recently, my boyfriend’s grandpa has been coming in with the strong smell and taste of big, red wine. What’s really stunning and joyful about these, is that it’s just another way to engage, another way to immerse yourself into the Spirit world.

So, how do you know if you have it or them or the gift, or whatever the heck? This is interesting and tricky, because we have a little something called imagination. Of course, we can visualize and imagine all kinds of things! That’s a key lesson for us Psychic Mediums, that we must FEEL the Spirit with us. When we FEEL the Spirit, we know that our sight is valid and very much real. Going back to the example from the whoosh. Not only did I see Spirit, but I felt it. I started to feel this energetic vibration within me, calling my attention to tap in and listen. Another example is when I know my Grandma is with me, I not only see the color magenta and orange, I feel her presence, her touch on my shoulder. I tap into my other senses to understand what Spirit is with me.

If you still have any underlying questions, simply email me at


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