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Spirit Guides: Who are they & how to connect with them.

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Ahh, our lovely Spirit Guides! I am over the moon that people are becoming more intrigued with the "unseen," yet powerful support we possess from the other side. A quick definition for you: They are the team that guides you from across the veil. Spirit Guides are here to provide support, love and spiritual guidance, while asking for nothing in return. You have direct contact with them 24/7.

They can also be known as guardian angels. But really, they’re the Souls that have mastered all of life’s lessons and their Soul contract is to guide you throughout your life. Spirit guides are also categorized as your gut or intuition. When you hear that little voice in your head, “Go for it, take the jump!” Or “No, this isn’t right.” Spirit Guides gently usher you to the best, and highest version of yourself.

There are so many different types of Spirit Guides, and as we elevate in our spiritual practice, we collect more guides. Not only in numbers, but from different realms, connections from past lives, even our ancestors and loved ones. For instance, my maternal grandmother became one of my Spirit Guides. As I grew my heavenly connection with her, that’s when I had the honor to connect with my other guides.

I now have several Master Guides, my grandmother + family, a Healer Guide, a Protector Guide, Ascended Masters, etc.

So, Who is What?

We are each born with a Spirit Guide. Then, on our left and right, we are also born with Guardian Angels. Your guide is chosen for you based on past lives, ancestral lineage, or a souls contract. When we cross over, no doubt will we become one! Whether that’s when we cross over or in a million ba-jillion years!

For instance, when my maternal grandmother passed, she immediately became my Spirit Guide. It was in her soul’s contract to not only heal through me, but heal our ancestral karma together AND get me on this path of becoming a Medium. Guides also change throughout life experiences. With my journey of spiritually “up-leveling,” I have graduated to guides of higher realms and beings.

I will explain some of my main ones and hopefully it will make sense!

Master Guide - I started with one, and now I have many. My Master Guide(s) are the ones that facilitate communication and are the leader of all the guides, loved ones, etc. around me. For instance, if I am communicating with a loved one for a client, my Master Guide Ishmael will guide them to me and help conduct conversation. I also channel him majority of the time. He's been the one I lean one the most when it comes to asking Spirit to guide my Soul Circles or any reading.

Healer Guide - These are the guides that literally help you heal. I go to them when I’m like, alright, I need to go to Whole Foods and get medicine. Guide me to where I need to go. I also lean on them when I need some energy clearing and literal healing. I have a gorgeous guide, Shoshana, that helps me with energy and chakra clearing. She’s working with me through ancestral lineage. [Cont’d in comments👇🏼]’d in comments]

Protector Guide - I have actively felt these guides change, because this is all based on FAITH in Spirit. It sounds weird, but the more you surrender and listen to your gut instincts, it’s this nuanced synergy of creating even more protection. I know I’ve ultimately have always been very, very protected. However, I am in less and less situations of harm, negativity, low vibration or danger. My current protector guide is Inan. It's a big, burly Siberian man who's almost like this Polish lumberjack looking warrior man.

Loved ones - These are the beautiful souls that have crossed over and are quite literally always with you. For instance, I have my maternal grandma, maternal grandpa and maternal uncle. I also have my paternal uncle. They all act as lovers, healers, protecters, etc. The wonderful thing about Spirit is that there is no ego or line-in-the-sand. They have “titles,” but ultimately all work together to guide you on your highest path.

Ascended Masters - What first comes to mind for me is to describe them as souls who have spent time on Earth and have facilitated immense Spiritual impact. With help from Mind Valley, they are souls who have paid their karmic debt, and have ascended/mastered the highest realm of Soul ascension. For instance, various known Ascended Masters are also Jesus, Mother Mary, Buddha, St. Germain, Vishnu, and the list goes on. There's also Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela. My Ascended Master who tags along is Enoch. My

How can I connect with them?

First of all, simply starting off by asking for support from the Universe/God/Source/Spirit (whatever you connect with). You can even say, “Spirit Guides, I’m so excited and ready to meet you! How can I connect with you?” When you are driving, in the shower, cooking, on the beach, meditating. What’s fantastic about them is that they know you SO WELL. More than you know yourself in the most beautiful way. They connect with you in the best way that YOU can connect. For instance, if you love music, they’ll connect with you through music. If you love the outdoors, they’ll connect with you through nature. It can also be as simple as seeing Angel Numbers.

Another thing to note, is they LOVE joy. They are magnetized to JOY. So, there's no reason to make your Spiritual experience serious and rigid. There's beauty in devotion and routine, but Spirit Guides love to play and have fun with you. Part of this is not beating yourself up. For instance, I definitely have gotten my Spirit Guides' names wrong. I thought they'd dislike me for that, but all they do is smile. And that's all they WILL do, aside from simply serving you. Even if you're like, "Hm, I may say this wrong but I love you and I'm grateful for you!" Maybe you don't call them by name. Maybe you make up your own name, or you see them by color, animal, sound, etc. More fun you have with them, the more you'll discover the beautiful connection that exists between you.

Second, listen, observe and be present. They will be bringing you signs, which are pretty much consecutive sequences or patterns that appear in your life. They give you a bodily reaction, like a “Woah” feeling. For instance, I had an insane three weeks of seeing non-stop rainbows. Not only did I see literal rainbows, but I heard the word rainbows, I got texted a photo of rainbow stairs, I saw rainbows reflected on the floor from the window and I read a chapter on rainbows. When the signs felt so clear and most importantly, so Spirit driven, that was me knowing that my Spirit Guides and loved ones are so here with me.

Third, when you’re ready, set the stage for a lovely meet up. Whether that’s preparing candles, crystals, cards, an altar. It can also be simply sitting in your bed or on the beach. Wherever you feel comfortable and most importantly, high vibrational. To be honest, they're really always with you. That's another important thing to note. Spirit Guides are ALWAYS by your side. You call there name and they're there—but that's the beauty is they're always there—watching over you, adoring every bit of you. A really fun way I love to connect with them is literally opening the windows, blasting my favorite music, putting a candle on, burning sage and dancing. I feel so high vibe, I have the biggest smile on my face and I know Spirit is dancing with me. I'm also with Spirit when I'm getting ready. I'm constantly talking out loud to them. As you can see, I have my own ways of connecting with my Spirit Guides. You can do what I do 100%! However, may this inspire you to find your own way to connect with yours.

Fourth, when they come in, you don’t need to know exactly EVERYTHING about them. Just observe. Maybe it’s an intense feeling of love, support and peace. Maybe you feel a touch on your arm. Maybe you hear a quiet hello. Or you may see a bird, a butterfly, a balloon! There will be a sign that will strike your soul and you will just know. It may sound annoying to read, "you'll just know," but that's where this work is magic and unique. Every experience with Spirit Guides and Spirit in general has a "through line" with all light workers and beautiful souls alike, but every experience is unique to the Soul. So, don’t be scared. Be curious. Be excited to tap into a deeper and higher you. It's totally normal if you are nervous! Not weird at all. I definitely started off with raised eyebrows. But once I recognized the magic and the support I felt, it's hard to stop. They're your best friends, cheerleaders, guides, healers, Buddha's (lol), adventure buddies, shoulders to cry on.

Fifth and lastly (one of the most important parts), is to thank them! Express immense gratitude whenever you can. Thank them now, later, I even say "Thank you so much and thank you in advance..." when I'm saying my invocation. Act, speak, think and breathe in gratitude whenever you can.

I hope you connected with this! xx Let me know how this resonated with you and if you are feeling curious and or ready to practice!

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