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Tap into your Magic




3 month

About this Session

Tap into your Magic

Recently, or maybe even your entire life, you’ve felt crazy intuitive. For example, the phrase “I knew that was going to happen!” seems to be often. Let’s just say, you got mad spidey senses, but you don’t know what that means, where they come from or where to even begin! Or, you are already super aware of your abilities. However, you have no idea where to begin. It’s a big world out there—as there are incredible practitioners and resources out there, there are also a lot of weirdos that could mislead you.

Let me help you feel less, “WTF is happening?!” to, “Holy sh*$ this is amazing!” I am so passionate about helping you tap into your innate magic.

You don’t have to be or want to be a medium, a shaman, or any kind of practitioner to do this stuff. Why? We all have intuitive abilities that are unique to us. I’m so insanely enthusiastic about mentoring you with your gifts. I had the gift of meeting my mentor, day 1. With her, I was able to heal, experience major breakthroughs and develop my spiritual gifts in order to be where I am today.

My mission is to…

  1. Teach you key practices for spiritual hygiene (the MOST important) to prioritize protecting and cleansing your energy

  2. Give you the tools to communicate with your team to create a ritualistic relationship

  3. Support you in any way I can during spiritual breakthroughs and obstacles

  4. Walk you through techniques that I have learned through my mentor and world-renowned mediums to tap into your clairs

  5. Support you with spiritual self-expression (where and how do your gifts show up!?)

  6. Helping you imbed this as a lifestyle, so you can become the most clear and potent vessel

What’s included:

  • 1:1 Meetings every other week (2X a month)

  • In between, Voxer support Tuesday - Thursday from 10AM - 4AM PST (or, if you’re abroad or have conflicting schedules, we can chat about other times :))

  • Custom lesson plans based on where you are at in your spiritual journey!

    • Within this, giving you “homework” for the in-between weeks

  • Recordings of our sessions. Please keep these private :)

  • Payment plans are absolutely available!

Your Modern Medium

Alexandra (Bebe) Shelly

I’m so, so deeply over the moon that you’re here. My name is Alexandra Shelly, friends and family call me Bebe. I’m a Psychic Medium, Channeler and Intuitive. I’m from Southern California, born and raised. I’ve been a lover of people, connection and an innate-creative ever since I could remember. Not only is it a joy to be a creator, but it’s an absolute honor to create side-by-side with Spirit.

Alexandra (Bebe) Shelly
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