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Energy Healing/Clearing




90 min

About this Session

Energy Healing/Clearing

I offer these energetic healing/clearing sessions by connecting with your guides (specifically your Healer and Doctor Guide). I go through your body, starting with each chakra, then doubling down on specific areas and blockages that may be coming up. Messages can range from asking you to emotionally release or understand something, to suggesting a certain time of practice (spiritual, physical, dietary, etc.). This is a method I’ve developed alongside Spirit and have been able to receive valuable messages/tools to heal my own ailments.

This is the perfect session if you…

  • Feel like you’re in a funk—experiencing stagnancy, uninspired and or drained. There may be some baggage holding you back or in your way.

  • Experiencing physical ailments that seem to be manifestations of an emotional experience.

  • Are potentially experiencing any blockages of any kind that may need some extra TLC and help moving through

  • Potentially have negative energies attached to your field that may be draining you. Let’s dive in with our Divine Team and get your energy back to homeostasis.


  • Voxer support (3 business days) = $187

  • Catch up call 45min = $74

Your Modern Medium

Alexandra (Bebe) Shelly

I’m so, so deeply over the moon that you’re here. My name is Alexandra Shelly, friends and family call me Bebe. I’m a Psychic Medium, Channeler and Intuitive. I’m from Southern California, born and raised. I’ve been a lover of people, connection and an innate-creative ever since I could remember. Not only is it a joy to be a creator, but it’s an absolute honor to create side-by-side with Spirit.

Alexandra (Bebe) Shelly
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