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1:1 Monthly Coaching




6 month

About this Session

Meet Your Spirit Guides

Okay, so you know Spirit Guides exist; you’re pretty sure you have them; but you can’t help but think, “Who are they?!” Or, are you craving a deeper spiritual connection? Maybe you’re fortunate enough to have incredible outside support, but you’re still wondering about a deeper kind of support—the kind that exists 24/7, without judgment or question, that can guide you every step of the way.

In this private container, I help you create a ritualistic, intuitive and joyful connection with your Guides through a 3 or 6 month program. Based on where you’re at—if you’ve never met them/ have had zero experience with this stuff, OR, you know they exist, maybe you’ve met them through a practitioner, but you’re ready to meet them. Let’s begin your path to feel the undeniable connection to your divine team!

What’s included:

  • 1:1 Meetings every other week (2X a month)

  • In between, Voxer support Tuesday - Thursday from 10AM - 4AM PST (or, if you’re abroad or have conflicting schedules, we can chat about other times :))

  • Custom lesson plans

  • Recordings of our sessions. Please keep these private :)

  • Payment plans are absolutely available!

Your Modern Medium

Alexandra (Bebe) Shelly

I’m so, so deeply over the moon that you’re here. My name is Alexandra Shelly, friends and family call me Bebe. I’m a Psychic Medium, Channeler and Intuitive. I’m from Southern California, born and raised. I’ve been a lover of people, connection and an innate-creative ever since I could remember. Not only is it a joy to be a creator, but it’s an absolute honor to create side-by-side with Spirit.

Alexandra (Bebe) Shelly
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