Are you sick of your own shit? Wish you could give less of a fuck about things? 


You can't though, can you? Giving a fuck is part of being a sensitive being - you care A LOT. 

Do you find yourself stressing about the most pointless of things? 

Wasting your days in a ball of stress anxiety, micro-managing the crap out of things? 

Are you a bit of a shouty mum? 


Wish you could be more SELF-ASSURED? Lighter? Fitter? Healthier? HAPPIER??? 

It's not how MUCH you care that's the problem, it's WHAT you're caring about that needs attention. 

You need to get your fucks in order, sweetheart. Stop giving a fuck about the things that don't matter and start giving a fuck about the things that will make your life MUCH MUCH BETTER. 

I know you! You gorgeously sensitive soul, you can take one seemingly small issue and blow it up into a full-on 'Why am I even here? What is the purpose of my life?' melt-down simply because you care so goddamn much. 

But what about you?


'Who, me?' 


Yes, YOU! Remember you? That under appreciated, unnoticed person who goes around all day servicing everyone else's needs. What about you? 

There you are making stuff happen, being the CEO of your life - taking no credit for all the success, putting everyone else first, caring for those who don't seem to appreciate it, running yourself ragged and meanwhile, forgetting YOU even really exist.

Damn sure I wouldn't want to be your employee if this is how you treat yourself. Slave driver? Ahem, yes. Motivational coach? I think not. You're your own worst enemy and it seems pretty clear to me what's going on... 

You've stopped giving a f**k about yourself. 

Your energy is all over the place. 

You ricochet from happy and content to fed up and fucked off on a weekly basis. 

You want more from life, you know there's more out there but you just haven't got the energy to go get it. 


Enthusiasm? How's that working out for you? 

Passion? Don't make me laugh! 

Will power? Ok, I'm being serious..! Put down that cookie and listen for a moment...

I understand. I've been there, done that, bought a t-shirt shop. 

I spent years with my f**ks all over the place. None helping me to realise my true contentment. Until I got sick of my own nonsense. 

Not any more. Nope. Nowadays people write stuff to me like, 


'You're the Queen of JFDI! You must write a book about it!' 

'I can't believe how much you do! You make me look lazy!'

'Another book? You're on fire girl!' 

'How do you fit it all in?'  



I don't give a fuck! About so many things that I used to. 


I DO CARE more strategically, I have more energy for the things that matter, for the people who matter and making the most out of this life. 

Working with people who have lost loved ones, speaking with those in spirit, dealing with people who have lost everything and had to start again - brave, courageous amazing people - does something to you... it makes life feel IMPORTANT. 

Your life is so important - it's the only one you will remember (even if you do believe in reincarnation!) so why WASTE any of it? 

One day when you're nothing but a legacy and a headstone, you won't be wishing you'd cared more about the small stuff, people who didn't really matter, things that were really completely non-sensical. You'll be looking back on your life and reviewing HOW YOU LIVED. 

How do I live? 

Well, I'm a super sensitive, emotional, empathetic, caring, well meaning, passionate, motivated, inspired and energised woman with a business that is exploding, two little kids, two dogs and a husband to look after and lots of lovely friends. I do EVERYTHING I want to. I've written 10 online courses this year written 2 books in 12 months, read for multiple hundreds of people, do all my own marketing and biz admin, I make things happen, I...

Just Fucking Do It. 

And... I've stopped wasting my energy in all the wrong places. 

Do you want a piece of my action? 

Do you want to be so damn full of energy that you simply can't NOT do what you want to do.

Do you want to be so full of ideas, inspiration and enthusiasm that you can't help but MAKE SH*T HAPPEN? 


Do you want to have the energy to exercise, eat right, get that new job, make new friends, sort out your relationship, go out and make the most of this (very short) life you have (that is flying past, day by day)? 

How about if I told you that I can take you from ZERO f**ks to giving the right f**ks OVERNIGHT? 

How about if I could TREBLE your energy using the POWER of your MIND ONLY?

How about if I told you this does not require: 

Gym sessions


Healthy Eating


You don't need to start more stuff - you need to get your head right. 

If your head isn't in the right space, you will FAIL again. 

You need to sort out how you think about yourself before you start any more bloody 'plans'.

'The Art of Giving a F**k' needs you to LISTEN to ONE 15 minute podcast / audio message a day for 7 DAYS. THAT'S IT! 


105 minutes. 

That's less than 2 hours of your life. TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE. 

Side effects of taking me up on this offer include: 

  • Getting TRIPLE your energy overnight

  • Transforming your attitude INSTANTLY 

  • Giving a f**k ONLY about what really matters 

  • Letting go of EVERYTHING that no longer serves you

  • Getting sh*t done, today 

In short, this training is: 

A proper ass-kicking in the right direction

Put it like this, you either get off your ass and start getting your f**ks in order or you will continue to get exactly what you've got. 

Change nothing, nothing changes. 

If you were stuck in sinking mud right now, would you give up and die? Or would you fight your way out? 

Are you really ready to give up? 

The art of giving a f**k... 7 days to triple your ENERGY & change your mindset FOR GOOD

Get started TODAY for only 
only $147 Australian Dollars

What I WILL and WON'T DO... 


X I'm not going to ask you to change. 

I AM going to get you to find yourself again.

X I'm not going to expect you to stop caring. 

I AM going to show you how to care about the good stuff and let the rest go. 

X I'm not going to get you on a crazy diet or exercise regime.

I AM going to give you the energy and motivation you need to even think about doing it. 

X I'm not going to tell you what you want to hear. 


I AM going to show you a mirror, kick your ass and educate you on the secret of changing your mindset FOR GOOD.

The 7 days starts on the day you sign up - the audio can be accessed whenever you wish and as often as you like. Listen and re-listen as much as you desire - these audio trainings are yours to keep

Delivered to you wherever you are in the world, this training is packed full of practical advice, no nonsense tried and tested methods which are guaranteed to change your thinking. 





Everything I’m passing on to you through this training has been tried and tested by yours-truly. Every technique, insight and piece of wisdom has been learned personally through my own lessons and learnings from those I have worked with. 

This unique course is ALL ONLINE (delivered by audio) so you can listen at your own pace from anywhere in the world. I love the audio aspect for its flexibility and impact - change your mindset FOR GOOD and get fired up and inspired TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE in ten minutes a day. 

ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS LISTEN... This is not WORK and it's not something you will feel you'll 'have to do', in fact, you will look forward to receiving the next day's session...

OR... Click here for a 3 monthly payment plan - pay $72/month for 3 months & spread the investment out with ease (Total payment $216) - PAYMENT PLAN

Never done an audio course before? I was always a bit put off by online learning, until I realised how transformative AUDIO is. It's far more impactful than sitting with lots of sheets of work to do or trying to read through books when you're busy and have other priorities. To be able to learn on the go is GOLD!  I've made this training REALLY SIMPLE to play and use. I've created it so it's EXACTLY like having me sitting next to you, working with you except you can listen anywhere - in the car, whilst making dinner, during your lunch break - you can literally change your life in a ten minute window by learning new techniques and shifting your mindset.  

If you seriously can't be bothered to listen to an audio file once a day to change your life then I'll challenge you... what DO you want? Do you really want change? Sounds like you're more comfortable sitting in your the safety of doing nothing... 

I know you're scared of change. We all fear the unknown.

But this is where you have to trust yourself - you have to have faith that ANYTHING is better than what you have right now and with a change in attitude, a change in perception, EVERYTHING about your life can improve. 


I literally read minds for a living!!!

More on how it works... 

Your training will be sent to you via email and includes: 

  • Your easy to follow, audio training.

  • No complex jargon or stressful tests or 'work' to do. Just listen and learn.


  • This paced audio allows you to take your time to follow the training. You have Life-time access to this audio - listen at your pace!


  • Listen on your iPad, iPhone, Smart Phone, Tablet, TV, PC or Laptop. 


When you start The Art of Giving a F**k! You will also get exclusive access to my Private Facebook Community Group to share your learnings and receive the collective energy and wisdom that comes with transforming alongside like-minded people from who you will glean even more wisdom, support and encouragement. 

Every day contains mindset work for you to do after the audio which further cements your new mindset and helps you to relate all of the learning to you as an individual. 

Invest in yourself and you will get results that last you a LIFETIME. 


This is powerful, life changing and life affirming stuff...

Your antidote to rubbish TV! Sit in your pjs with your phone / laptop and a glass of wine and change your life for the good, for good, instead!!!

Who is this course for? 

  1. You're fed up with giving a f**k

  2. You're sensitive

  3. You know you get in your own way 

  4. You want more out of life 

  5. You've had it good but something's gone wrong recently

  6. You know there's more to life than this

  7. You need more ENERGY

  8. You're lacking in enthusiasm

  9. PASSION has gone out of the window 

  10. You're stuck and need help moving on

  11. You're not comfortable with life or how you are living it

  12. You're unmotivated

  13. Life feels like one big groundhog day

And also if you

  1. Wish you could be more confident

  2. Want to lose weight but get in your own way

  3. Need your ass kicking into action

  4. Want to be accountable to someone other than yourself

  5. Need help and can't seem to find it anywhere else

  6. Want to work with someone who UNDERSTANDS what it is to be a: 

Sensitive, emotional, loving, giving, generous and kind soul who just needs to stop giving a f**k about the things that aren't serving her and start giving a f**k about HERSELF!!!


Join now for 
only $147 Australian Dollars

OR... Click here for a 3 monthly payment plan - pay $72/month for 3 months & spread the investment out with ease (Total payment $216) - PAYMENT PLAN

"Things are changing! Wow, wow, wow! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am beginning and learning to see everything in life in a way I have only ever dreamed of.
You're amazing, I'm so grateful for your ability to truly rattle my cage.
Mind blowing!"
Victoria. Lucy's client from sunny Townsville, Australia

What happens next? 

Sign up for my 'The Art of Giving a F**k!' 7 Day Transformative Training Series today and the training will begin with an email arriving in your inbox with the first day's training ready for you to play, for the following 7 days you wil receive your super-shifting, mindset-motivating training each and every day. 

Your training will be sent to you by email the day that you sign up and continue for the following 7 days.

Question? I'm happy to help - send me an email to today and I'll send you a personal reply. 

Let's get the magic started... 


Lucy Day, International Psychic Medium 

The Modern Medium. 

  • Professional Psychic Medium 
  • Qualified Life and Business Coach 
  • Published Author
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Workshop Teacher & Mentor

Lucy is a highly experienced Psychic Medium, working with people across the globe to achieve contentment, alignment, peace of mind, success, harmony and spiritual connection.


Lucy practises palmistry with every client she meets - a passionate palmist she is fascinated by the palms and the secrets they uncover. 

Living in the beautiful Hinterland of the Sunshine Coast, Australia, she is originally from the UK. Some years ago now, Lucy decided to 'take her own advice' put her ultimate faith in her Intuition to change EVERYTHING.


From her successful role as the Head of a Pharmaceutical company, Lucy left it all to embrace her TRUE identity as a Psychic Medium and move her family to her spiritual home, 13000km from everything she knew. 


Lucy now serves as a bridge between this life and the next, a channel for spirit, a seer of the future and a catalyst for spiritual change. 

Learning with Lucy Day is a personal and unique experience - a launch pad for an exciting new lifestyle or career or simply a way of connecting further with yourself, friends and family.