Spirit Speaks - 3.4.20


The quieter you become, the closer we can be. As the noise lessens, the distractions reduce, the veil thins and we can connect like never before. Feel our Love. For Love is the key.

Trust not in the empty words of others. Trust in the Truth within. The Self. For you are all you need. Lean on the Truths within your Soul, the whisperings which tell you what to believe. As you feel, so you know.

With a heart full of Love, you will fear nothing. You will trust yourself to navigate this world no matter the pathway ahead. You will find you make the right decisions for you. With a heart full of Love, you find a purpose in life, a reason to keep going.

You are not your body.

We know at times like this, you are unable to fill your own heart with the Love you need. At times like this, fear fills your mind and takes you away from the real Truth within.

We are here to help you reconnect. We are here to help you take away Fear. We are here to remind you that Love will see you through this.

Do you remember when you stopped trusting yourself? We do. We saw you turn away from the Truth and turn to the opinions and beliefs of others’ mouths. Oh Dear Child, how beautiful you were, so connected to the Truth, until other people took over. That dear child still exists within you, and now, now it’s time, to turn back. No other’s mouth can replace the Truth within you.

We are here to remind you that living is not everything, that love exists eternally. Let go and let your life flow, Dear Child. Trust your path. Do not fear the future.

We never left you.

But now, now you see what we see.

Now you see the fast world for what it has become, a game, with rules, so many rules. With lies, so many lies. Promises, so many promises. But so much love to be found if you stop and look. Pain and love in equal measure. Light and dark, day and night.

What do you need, Dear Child?

You feel conflicted, we know this. You crave the security of what you had but you also crave freedom.

You crave change, yet you fear it.

Change will free you, if you let it.

You have time now to tap into your greatest resource, your everlasting light, the quiet voice inside, the all-knowing voice who will guide you home.

You have time to align to your true path once more. To find the beauty in your every breathing moment.

As for the world outside, nothing is as it seems, Dear Child.

The Plan has been written, the Truth cannot stay hidden for long.

Forgive them, for they know not what they do.

This is not about hatred, division and blame. But the Truth is coming. The light is there.

Be strong, Dear Child, for the battles that are fought, the truths that are revealed, all bring pain, until you choose to move beyond pain’s reach. Until you choose what to take in.

Turn to only things which bring you Love. Let your heart be so full of Love it cannot hold all else. Be still in these moments and fiercely fill your hearts with Love. With a full heart, only then, can you accept and act on your Truth.

Brighter days are coming, Dear Child.

Turn away from the ever speaking mouths. Accept nothing which has not come from within. Create your own truth. Know your own minds. You have all the knowledge you will ever need, Dear Child. You are all knowing.

You need nothing more.

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