Spirit Speaks 11.4.20.


We hear you asking if there is there an end to this?

Yes, Dear Child, but the end is just the beginning. New rules, new Energy. A time more than ever for the truth to be told, dragged to the surface, favourable and not. Not all news is positive, Child. But all news is there to be absorbed, or not. Resonate or not.

Distinguish. Be intelligent.

You fear what has come, we understand.

We did not bring this.

You face a time of great pain for those who believe 'this is all there is' but a time of great Clarity, of great Purpose, of great Action for those who understand Soul’s purpose on earth.

Stand together. And your lights become one.

This time of reckoning is not easy for you Child, but your Soul is being called, louder than ever before. Sweet Soul. The warriors of the Soul.

Will the lie continue? With every fear that surfaces, a better tomorrow is offered. Choose from the heart, Dear Child.

You are not here to sleep in false security.

Who are you? A Child of the Light. Why are you here? Love. What transcends the dark? Light.

You are the anti-fear.

Trust your Soul, Dear Child. You chose this life. You are strong enough to face this life. All of it.

You are a light flickering amongst the darkness and together, the light becomes more powerful than the sun itself, illuminating every corner and shining into the cracks, exposing the darkness so it can be faced, and dealt with. Facing it creates pain - acceptance creates peace - action creates power.

Those fears you harbour? They shall all rise to the surface to be dealt with, now or never. Each one extinguished becomes a small personal success. Watch each one float away on the whisper of a wind from which it came.

Nothing is as it seems. You feel this. Your ability to be distracted by the false fears becoming less and less.

Your inner light shines brighter each day.

>> more to follow tomorrow … >>

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