Lucy's Soul Mail 6/2: It's ok to not be happy

It's ok to not be happy...

Are you happy? Right now? Or are you just 'ok'?

When did you LAST FEEL HAPPY?

Recall the time in in your mind - it was a moment, right? A fleeting moment? Not a day-long feeling, but a fleeting moment?

So if happiness is just a moment - what are we left with the rest of the time?

For most of us, guilt, worry, sadness, fear, a feeling of lack of success because daily happiness eludes us. A feeling that 'something is wrong with me'. We're led to believe we 'should be happy' and if we're not, well then something's clearly very wrong.

Well I don't agree.

I would never encourage you to seek out perpetual happiness. Because IT DOES NOT EXIST.

It's not something that SOME people get all the time and others can't reach.

HAPPINESS is the butterfly in our garden of life - it flutters in and it flutters out.

You cannot make the butterfly stay forever. She's ever changing - one day she will pass over and a new butterfly will take her place - which looks and feels different and feeds off different things. Each butterfly grows and fades, and is replaced by a new one. Rare, magical and utterly heart-warming.

The more you look for her, the more frequently you see her. But she lives in surprising places and comes to visit when you least expect her.

But there is something you can do whilst you wait for your daily sighting of that glorious butterfly.

You can create a garden that you are happy to sit and wait for that butterfly in. A garden you are happy to be present in. A garden you are happy to BE in.

A garden that can fulfil you, even when the butterfly is absent.

A garden that the butterfly WANTS to come to. For if she rarely comes, something isn't right. She will be a regular visitor if the conditions are right.

How's your garden looking?

What weeds need pulling? What seeds need planting? What needs water & feeding? Who is in the garden with you? Are you happy to share your garden with them? Are you present enough to see the butterfly when it flutters in and out?

Look after your garden, create a garden you want to sit in - accept that the butterfly won't always grace you with her presence.

But be happy to wait until she does.

L x

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"Never Fear Dying. Fear Never LIVING" - Lucy Day

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