Dog Vomit & Decision Making

‘Oh Dear God, he’s doing it again…’

Looking for the safest place to pull over on the 70mph motorway, I gritted my teeth as I listened to the dog heaving in the back seat.

Dark blue leather with cream stitched trim. And only two months old. (Not the dog, the sparkly Audi A5 sports saloon that was my pride and joy, the payment for sleepless nights worrying about pricing, profit margins and stock levels).

As a Pharmaceutical Managing Director, I seemed to spend more time on the road than on the job. Travelling for up to 8hrs three or four times a week to get to my offices was becoming more than difficult. Not helped by the fact that I had to drag my poor car-sick dog with me every time I left because there was no one at home to look after him.

‘Maybe giving him that egg sandwich was a bad idea…’ I mused as I screeched the car into the motorway service station and dragged the still-heaving dog out of the car.

‘I’m sorry boy, I’m so sorry.’

Sorry didn’t seem enough for the situation I was forcing the poor animal into. Every hour spent in that car was an hour terrified and it was all because of me.

Looking back, it would have been funny had it not been so damned tiring and so soul destroying.

'What the f**k am I doing?’ I thought as I poured some water into the discarded sandwich container for the dog to messily lap out.

I HATED my job.

It was my dream job, or so I had thought, and I HATED EVERY MINUTE of it.

The travelling, away from my comfy bed and the security of my little cottage. The loneliness whilst I slept away, missing my husband and my animals. The endless pricing, the schmoozing up to new clients, selling stuff I wasn’t really into or believed in, always pushing for the next payment, for the next customer, for the next money-spinner.

And the wasted hours spent on the internet searching for a happier existence, asking Google questions I knew it couldn’t answer, like ‘what’s the best job for someone creative?’, ‘how do I change careers’ and sometimes, in desperation ‘what the hell do I dooooo…..????’

I needed out. I was a slave.

A slave to my monthly wages. A slave to my reputation built up over years. A slave to my ego, who loved ‘being the Boss’ no matter what stress that brought me. A slave to my sleek, shiny, Audi A5 that glistened in my driveway.

A slave to the life I had created for myself.

A slave to my own choices.

Something clicked in me that evening, tears streaming down my face at 8.30pm, stood on the side of the motorway, miles and miles from home, shoving a panicked, panting dog back into my hair-strewn, vomit-filled, luxury saloon, swearing under my breath and wishing for anything but THIS right now.

Looking back, this was a defining moment. It was my ‘f**k this sh*t’ moment. It wasn't eloquent, but it was profound.

The lightbulb didn't flash, it surged through me with anger.

What The HELL am I doing this for?

What. Am. I. Doing?

And that moment of clarity was just the beginning. The beginning of the rest of my life.

And for me, those three, rather crass, angry and frustrated words did more than I could ever imagine.

They gave me power.

They gave me my power back.

They gave me the power to release that which was no longer serving me.

No, this isn’t a story where I drove home with the angels behind me, penned my resignation letter and drove off into my new life with explosions of joy. Rather, I went home, cried a bit more and drank two glasses of wine too fast, whilst ramming chocolate into my mouth and trying not to think about the dog vomit that was still pooling in the bottom of my leather-bound pride and joy.

But… my story doesn’t end there.

Because that day stayed with me and it fuelled me to take a new approach to my life. It fuelled me to start the journey to making decisions that aligned with...

who I really was

what I really wanted

and not what my ego tried to force me to stick to.

It fuelled me to start really working on my own TRUTH, to align my decisions to my soul and to eventually

GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE for a better life.

It took some time, but it changed my life.

Since that shitty day on the motorway, my life couldn’t look any more different.

For starters, I live 13000km away, on the other side of the world.

I work from home, I never travel unless it’s for pleasure and I only take my dogs in the car if we’re going to the beach (and I don’t let them in the leather-bound car anymore!)

I don’t sell stuff I don't believe in. But I do influence. I preach, I teach, I rant a bit and I share a lot. I do good things for good people. I don’t try to convince anyone of anything - I just speak and if people want to listen, they will, if not, they are free to ignore me!

But moreover, I have made all of these decisions with EASE.

As soon as I aligned with who I truly was, the doors in front of me slid open with such ease you'd think it was magical (it was!)

I bought my last house after having a coffee in a new area - the deal was done within 7 hours. The next one was purchased after a weekend away, the deal agreed within 3 hours of flying home. I bought the first car I saw and my friends love shopping with me because I don’t hang about - I see, I like, I buy.


I Just F**king Do It.

I don't whinge. I don't whine. I just create change.

All the time.

I get the hell on with my life. I make things happen. And I enjoy making decisions.

Do you?

Are you living the life you planned for yourself?

Are you free to spend your day as you choose or are you chained to the dollar?

What do you want?

Just for a moment, as yourself: what is it you're meant to HAVE or DO or BECOME in this life time?

What do you see is possible, inside of you?

What do you wish for?

What do you want to release?

What is it going to take before you make it happen? Are you willing to reach breaking point?

It’s time to take trust-based action, the way you would be if you really trusted that you could make the changes.

I know you're ready to let go of the part of you that always holds you back.

I know you have a dream, an idea, a desire but that you can’t seem to make your mind up to actually DO it. And even if you are doing it, you're not ALL IN. You're not CONVINCED that this is the work for you, the life for you. Some days are just ground-hog-painful, same shit, different day.

And you want MORE. You deserve more. You can have MORE.

But you need to get your cares in order, you need to stop worrying about things that you can't even control and start focussing your efforts on what you really want out of life.

Because time is ticking away. As it does. Reminding you that this needs doing. Before it's too late.

Plus you're boring yourself with the sound of your own excuses, aren't you?

It's fear, stopping you.

I know it. You know it.

AND I can guarantee that you already know what parts of your life drive you nuts.


So every decision you make in the future starts to flow.

To be answered with EASE.

But for now...

You need to JFDI.

~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Would you like my help making that happen?

And here's the bit where I offer to spend some time with you. Yes, you pay for my time, of course, but you also get back what you put in MULTIPLE TIMES OVER.

Im inviting you to get into my head and heart, to learn from all the lessons I have learned and to bypass months, even years of procrastination and over-thinking.

Spend 10 ass-kicking days with me in your head (via my mindset-shifting audio recordings) TRANSFORMING, mindset-shifting, attitude bending and CHANGING your LIFE, as I share with you everything I did to transform the way I made decisions for GOOD and help you to change yours.

'J.F.D.I.' is a life-changing course created to kick you into a happier future in less than 10 days...

It will help you change the way you see your future.

The way you see yourself.

Your inner fears will dissolve.

Your inner courage will rise to the surface.

And you’ll be left not just getting on with it but LOVING making decisions. Embracing decisions.

And wanting to create more…

Sound good?

Let’s unleash your true power and JFDI… CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE (This is the easiest decision you will make!)

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