T H E • T R U T H • A B O U T • P S Y C H I C S • Part Two...

We don't know everything.

We know you're desperate for the reassurance that all is going to be OK, that things will work out, that what you've been waiting for will happen and more importantly, WHEN it will happen.

We know that at the moment you are with us, you are truly vulnerable, your past present and future wide open for a stranger to see.

We understand the urgent need to connect with and hear from family and friends who have passed over, that your heart aches from missing them.

We know all of this and so much more.

And we do our level best to give you the answers you seek.

But we cannot know everything and, I believe, nor should we.

The mystery of life creates the opportunity for us to exercise our free will, to make our own decisions, to experience and learn from our unique journey.

If we knew everything, there would be no point to life - there'd be no need for making decisions, no surprises, no lessons, no meaning to anything.

Despite knowing we don't have all the answers, us psychics will try to give them to you.

Sometimes we try too hard.

I know I speak for most psychics when I say we have a really hard time not just telling you what you want to hear, my God, it would be so easy to do that.

And some psychics do, not because they're fakes, but because they struggle to communicate the truth in case you're not happy about hearing it.

The truth.

That's what you want really, isn't it?

Not sugar coated, empty promises that sound good at the time but never come to pass.

Now, don't get all fearful on me - that doesn't mean we are doomsayers, far from it - a good reading should leave you feeling hopeful, positive, enthusiastic for your life - but it should still be full of nothing but truth.

We don't know it all.

But we can see the truth.

The truth that your soul WANTS us to see.

And that is what we try to give you.

Not everything, just what we can.

Lucy 💜

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