T H E • T R U T H • A B O U T • P S Y C H I C S • Part One...

We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into... At first, being able to connect with people psychically is a proper buzz. I imagine it's a bit like how Harry Potter felt when he first used his magical powers. There's nothing in this world like it, it's exciting and mind-blowing at times and finally you realise you're not going mental, you really can see into other people's lives, talk to people who have died and see into the future too.

But none of us knew what being a professional psychic would have in store, that soon, we'd be dealing with all kinds of stuff we had no prior experience of. We didn't realise the enormity of being connected psychically to strangers who had lost children, lovers, parents and friends. People who'd had family murdered or been victims of shocking theft, of physical or mental abuse, drug abuse and so much more.

And not just meet, but be submerged into their minds, bodies and souls for the entire reading. And not just submerged into them but to literally FEEL what it is to BE them, to feel their energy and see what happened through their eyes. To replay those memories, some truly heartbreaking, in detailed technicolour.

And then there's those who have died, who show us how they passed and literally make us feel their pain, their passing, their disease in their bodies. Who demonstrate their love for you, how much they miss you, how much they still care.

And it's overwhelming.

And we had no idea it would be like that.

And sometimes it's enough to make us want to give it all up.

We started off by playing and then soon we found ourselves in something far more serious - real, raw lives.

Yet still, to everyone that we meet, we give ourselves completely to that moment. Bravely, I think, taking on the task of trying to guide you, without personal judgement or opinion, to a better place.

But amongst the moments of heartbreak, there are moments of joy so pure that we know we are in exactly the right place. That we are doing the right thing by connecting, sharing, guiding - helping. We see you transform before our eyes and it's just humbling.

Our hearts are connected to yours and we will do anything we can in that moment to guide and inform you without allowing a single judgement or personal opinion to cross our lips. For this is your journey, not ours, this is your life, not mine.

And you know what?

You are all so incredible.

Every single soul I meet teaches me something about life, about bravery, about true courage about the lives behind closed doors that so few get to see.

And that is the most humbling of realisations.

I can't get away from the rawness of life and death in this job. Sometimes it gets too much but I've learned to pull back and ground myself, to take time out and fill my own soul back up again. It's a rollercoaster, believe me, but it's also pretty damned amazing and, just like a forbidden fruit, it calls me back time after time.

L x

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