Linestrider Tarot Card Deck Review...

First up in my Tarot Card Deck Review Series is The Linestrider Tarot Deck...


Oh so pretty... from the moment you crack open the Linestrider tarot card deck, you're transported into a world of water-colour wonder. Beautifully illustrated, the Linestrider tarot deck is clearly the result of a LOT of fine art talent by their creator, Siolo Thompson.


I'm a Rider-Waite girl so for me, the cards need to represent their intended meaning, otherwise they become really quite tough to read. Linestrider tarot is based on the Rider-Waite style of tarot and has all the correct card names clearly written on each one. The deck also goes a long way to illustrating the meanings of the cards but there are a few random ones, like the hanging man, which she illustrates as an upside down tiger. The imagery is quite far out but it still makes sense and therefore reading a spread isn't a problem, even for a complete beginner.


I was a little disappointed that the cards come loose in the box, so you have to get your own bag to store them in, unless you're happy with a whacking great big box to content with every time you want to do a quick reading. However in that whacking great big box comes a detailed book with modern, relevant and helpful explanations of the meaning of each card.


When you're learning the Tarot, the last thing you want is a crappy book which doesn't really tell you anything about the cards. Sure, you're meant to intuit the meaning from the energy of the cards and that's all well and good eventually, but every learner really wants to grab the book and read the explanation, not sit there pondering.


Linestrider tarot cards flow nicely in my palm, nice and thick, shiny and slidey (is that even a word?) so they shuffle well. And the spread? Oh so beautiful, it's like a unique and beautiful work of art every single time.


Ouch. The Linestrider came all the way from the UK, so they weren't cheap. They seem to be really tough to get hold of in Australia. But the RRP is pretty high at $52.95 Aussie Dollars. In the UK you can pick them up for only 20GBP from Amazon and they're around $29.95 in the US. Seems us Aussies got the raw deal as usual!


If you love art, appreciate beautiful things and want your Tarot cards to stand out in an understated, elegant way, Linestrider are definitely for you. They are simply beautiful. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned tarot nut, you will find they guide you to your answers in a gentle, thoughtful way. SaveSaveSave

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