Non-believers in the spirit world...

So what about people who don’t believe in the afterlife? What happens when they pass over? How do I speak to them? Do they come through?

For every one of us who staunchly believes that there is an afterlife and people pass over into spirit, there are just as many who don’t. For whatever reason, some people choose not to believe that there is anything beyond this life and feel that when we die, that’s it, everything probably goes black and there’s nothing more.

For me, it was never a given that there was anything else. I had ideas about what I’d like to believe and what would be comforting or nice to think, but like most people, I demanded proof that there was something beyond life before I completely accepted it.

I had to have multiple spirit experiences before I accepted that spirits even existed. It was my natural reaction to blame coincidence or my imagination before accepting that what I was seeing was real.

It’s partly a fear of the unknown and I believe this is largely why many people don’t believe in the afterlife. For them, it’s safer to believe that there is nothing after life than have a false ideal that never eventuates.

Conversely, many people, I feel, believe in the afterlife with very little proof – for them, it’s better to believe there is something after life than just one big black, infinite hole to fall into.

I have absolutely no intention of converting anyone to my way of thinking but many of my readings have unintentionally changed minds, both of my previously sceptical clients and also previously sceptical Spirit!

Colin was a huge sceptic in life, he had absolutely no belief in anything that he couldn’t touch, see, smell or feel. If it wasn’t clearly in front of him then it didn’t exist. End of. He told me this the minute we connected.

Imagine my client’s surprise then when Colin appeared as clear as day by my side some months after his passing, desperate to communicate with her. He was a large man with a very big energy and he had a wicked sense of humour. As he came through in spirit he turned to me and said ‘I know, I know… I don’t believe in what you do!’

He winked at me and then turned to my client, telling her that he needed her to tell her best friend (Colin’s wife) that he loved her so very much and missed her dearly.

Colin then went on to tell me that he had been really keen to get through to his wife because he was hugely worried about her. He showed me that she wasn’t coping very well with his passing and that she was very much a shadow of her former self.

This was all confirmed as accurate by my client who noted that her poor friend was too upset to come along herself and also very concerned that Colin wouldn’t actually show up. After all, he didn’t believe in the afterlife!

As I smiled at this, Colin showed me that he wouldn’t have been so keen to come along had he not realised that the afterlife does exist. He hadn’t completed lost his scepticism, he wasn’t talking to me or looking at me very much – it was like he was still in denial that I could see him!

His message was passed to my client and she gratefully took this back to her friend, along with the confirmation from Colin that he would be around her and to feel for his presence because he was going to make sure he was there with her when she needed him.

I’ve certainly found that as people get closer to death, as they get older and feel their mortality approaching, they start to reconsider previously closed views on the afterlife. It stands to reason that faced with impending death it’s quite nice to consider that there might be a place where all your passed-on family are, waiting to welcome you to the next stage of your journey, a place where pain ceases to exist and peace takes over.

Can’t blame them, can you?

Excerpt taken from Lucy's latest book, 'Gin & other Spirits' - available now in Paperback & Kindle versions. To purchase your copy


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