Freedom, Forgiveness & Friendship

Every now and then a really good one comes along. You know they're for you because there's no airs and graces, no discomfort, no awkwardness and definitely no putting on a show. As soon as you meet you are at ease and feel as if this person has known you forever. You wish they had.

Friends. Not acquaintances, not just someone you met online or had coffee with once, real ones. The ones you know come along infrequently but when they do, they're going nowhere because, quite frankly, you won't let them.

When Tamara crossed my path I knew instantly that she was one of 'them'.

A true friend. It took us a few months before we got to sit down and chat but boy, when we did, it was awesome. Two hours flew by like two minutes and I felt that I'd really reached the soul of this beautiful girl and she had reached mine. Sounds like a love affair! But no, it was a soul affair.

It took me half an hour to say what I'd thought the first time I met her. I didn't know what she did back then but I knew one thing - 'I'm going to work with this girl'.

And I did. Just last month we launched our series of workshops, helping people in Townsville and across the globe to find Freedom through the Art of Forgiveness.

Over a three hour period, me and my bonafide Soul Sister brought our room full of workshop brave-hearts to tears of resonance and back to smiles of inner peace and relief.

Tam and I sat for hours creating a workshop that we knew was a perfect combination of our joint decades of experience in releasing people from the pains of their past and the limitations of their future.

I knew the moment we took the stage together that this workshop was going to be DYNAMITE.

And it was.

I absolutely loved working with my friend, what a bloody honour and a joy to be able to share working hours with someone you love and trust.

What's more...

The workshop back in September was such a success that we're hosting it again for you on 22nd October - for more details check out the details.

If you missed the last one, I really hope you can come along this time. It would be amazing to be able to bring peace to your heart and soul too. Forgiveness is such a powerful practice and we owe it to ourselves to release hurt and trauma to make way for positivity and love.

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