You're not blessed...

'I'm so blessed...' If you want to make me cringe, start a sentence like this. As far as I'm concerned, no, you're not.

You're not 'blessed'.

Whatever it is that is making you smile right now, take responsibility for it. You've done that, you've created that, you chose that... it's you, YOU did it.

Blessed..?!? Do you really believe someone from 'up above' came down and waved their magic wand and made your life all spangly and sparkly - 'here's your fairy Godmother with some blessings you for, you lucky thing!' For me that's about as real as these 'snap chat' filters - not happening!

Until you start accepting that your life is what it is because YOU MADE IT that way through your choices, your decisions, your ACTIONS and through the natural processes of intention, creation timing and outcome, you will always think the power to create happiness is outside of yourself.

Sure, nature comes together at times and gifts us with the most beautiful of outcomes but at the essence of every gift there was a decision, a choice, an action, made by you.

Are you sitting around waiting to be blessed, or perhaps you believe that the blessings are saved for everyone else?

Every day, people drag themselves out of the most shocking of personal circumstances into the light, to freedom, to happiness.

Are they blessed? Are they heck.

They are just like you and me except they decided that things needed to change and they kept creating change until life looked different. They're probably still growing, moving forward because they've learned that growing never stops, there's always more to learn, to figure out, to embrace.

I'm all for being grateful - for sure. But I have learned to thank MYSELF for the choices I made, for being true to myself. I'm grateful to ME.

Of course I'm grateful to my loves, to those who affirm my life with love every day but you know what? I CHOSE THEM TOO! I could have given up on love, allowed the hurt of my early days to stop me from letting anyone in, my life could have been very different.

And all that hurt? I am grateful to all of that and those people from my past who hurt me too.

All the tough stuff that happens, I'm grateful to all of that for showing me what true inner grit is.

Quit with the blessings.

You're not blessed, you're getting things right.


I am determined to show you ALL the magic you have within you - human potential knows no bounds and I know that we all have it within ourselves to live inspired lives. Stick with me and we will make magic happen.

PS> If my words inspire you, please like or share this post - you never know when one of your friends might need a bit of Lucy Love.

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