Spirits Speak... Suicide and the afterlife

The life of this psychic medium has been a bit full on recently - in fact, I've had the most energetically demanding 2 weeks I've encountered in a long time... I've had a unusually large number of clients come to me to connect to people who have ended their own lives. If this topic is too sensitive for you to read about, please feel free to ignore this post. There are so many beliefs about how suicide affects your journey into the next life so I wanted to share my experience and give you another perspective and bring you some peace... Your loved ones tell me that the reasons for suicide often have nothing to do with death but are about release from the pain of life. For many, the finality of death is quite a shock, they often just wanted a way out and didn't really consider the afterlife or the process of passing. When people pass over from suicide, every single one I have met has told me they were greeted by friends and family on the other side. None were left to journey alone, they were not left in a state of purgatory or left wandering or lost. No one described a punishment or rejection because of their suicide, only love and support. They described how they become observers of their families and watch everything that happens after they pass - this is to allow a new perspective on the life they left and, I feel, to encourage future growth and learning. Whether they choose to grow or learn is down to them and their individual personality and character. Some people (in spirit) have shown me that they did not feel initially comfortable with being in the afterlife so returned to earth to be with loved ones until the reality of their situation set in. This makes sense if you consider that any shock or sudden change in circumstance takes some getting used to but also that they still have a strong bond with you and so want to be with those they know and love. In communication with spirit, I am often shown that we have the opportunity to return to earth (reincarnate), to face our lessons and have another chance to get through our challenges. After suicide, spirits often tell me that they spend time reconsidering their departure and how they would do it differently next time. This is all part of spiritual growth, which obviously continues when we pass over. Personality, characteristics and attitudes always follow us into spirit so they communicate and act in the same way that they did on earth. After suicide their mental and physical strength returns in the afterlife and they ALL without fail, send love and compassion back to us - they want the link to us and are very keen and grateful for the contact and communication. I'm often asked if they are happy and at peace. They show me that peace comes immediately from the release of the earthly confusion and pain. Often they do hold some shame or guilt associated with the sadness that they feel their passing has caused those who remain on earth. This can cause great sadness which isn't surprising when you consider how strong the link is and how fragie the veil between this world and the next. This shame can be released through communication so I usually find that once a connection has been rebuilt between you both, this shame and guilt disappears. Time also heals - the more you learn to accept and cope with the sadness, the more they are able to move on too. Your loved ones in spirit will hear and feel everything you say to them, wherever you are. Their bond remains telepathic in this sense, so talk to them and they will hear. You don't need to go to a special place or have a special connection or ritual, just speak or think of them and they will hear. Timings wise, I have connected with people in spirit as recently as 2 days after their passing. Time and space doesn't exist in the spirit world and so there is no rule. Whether connection and communication is possible depends on factors beyond our control - so connection is never guaranteed, it's up to them but can be very detailed and very long or short and sweet - that's their prerogative. I truly hope this information helps. Feel free to ask me any questions you have around this topic by emailing me or booking a private reading with me Book Online Please note this is all my personal experience from spirit communication after suicide. I always encourage you to decide what feels right to you ad to make up your own mind about what you do or don't believe. Connecting with spirit is ALWAYS a huge privilege, to be part of that family, to connect and feel the love that comes from both ways feels like nothing but a gift. One beautiful lady shared her feedback with me after her reading last week... "Lucy, I am so grateful for the reading you did for me the other day. You described my (late) son perfectly, his personality and the physical things that made him. You are absolutely amazing. I felt like my son was sitting beside me and you were talking to him. Your reading has made me feel so much better. I now feel like my grieving is moving forward not just staying in the vale of total despair. I would recommend and have recommended you to everyone. Thank you so much for helping me." Gillian, 1/2hr face to face reading. June 2016.

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Written as part of International Psychic Medium, Lucy Day's Spirits Speak Series - personal articles sharing the lessons and learnings Lucy has taken from her extensive communications with those in spirit.

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