Sleep... Soul Food

'Thank you! I just dug your book out again after a particularly sh**ty month, I'm loving every line all over again!' How tired are you? The palms reveal a lot about our physical, mental and energetic health and tiredness of all levels can be found etched into the fingers.

If your tiredness has reached a new level and won't be cured by sleep, maybe it's time to make a few changes, to start listening to your intuition and looking after yourself a bit more. People, situations, fears, stress and worry can all deplete our souls, forcing us into a feeling of helplessness, a lack of personal power.

Is it time to take your power back?

Is it time to reclaim your life and send it on a better, brighter track? How sh*t does it have to get before you decide enough is enough. If sleep won't do, my book will... From Passenger to Pilot, by Lucy Day. Available as Paperback & Kindle versions from Amazon.

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