Peace... A personal persuasion

Rarely do I find myself lost for words but the universe had different ideas for me. After a busy few days of readings, I woke up this morning unable to utter a word - my voice was gone and my throat cut like razor blades. Seems the world had decided I needed to shut up and listen.

'Great!' I thought, 'How on earth am I going to manage a day with my two children, minus my greatest, shoutiest asset?'

Funny how lessons never come packaged in beautiful paper, carried by angels and resounding choral music. Nope. They slap you round the head, kick you about a bit and then shout 'See! That was a lovely lesson for you! Get it!?'

Sure, it hurts. Like mad. Sure, it was annoying not being able to record any video blogs or do the readings I had planned. And yes, the look on my husband's face when I whispered to him that I'd lost my voice made me want to slap him. But, as it happens, having no voice turned out to be quite the revelation.

Not only was today far more peaceful than any day I've had in months, but I also realised:

- Kids respond better to quiet repetition than shouting. - Shouting from room to room is pointless, waiting for someone to appear is far easier. - Not every 'Mummy!' call needs a reply. - Listening really is better for conversation than having to get your voice heard. - Silences don't need to be filled. - Not every phone call needs answering. - Patience is possible. - Frustration is avoidable.

And the big one...

I talk too much! I actually create a lot of the noise in the house and when I shut up and am peaceful, everyone else follows my lead.

Maybe I should lose my voice more often (I know my husband would agree!)

There's a lesson in EVERYTHING!

What did you learn today?

'Til next time,


Lucy Day, Psychic Medium & Author of Life-Changing Book 'From Passenger to Pilot', available from Amazon Worldwide in Kindle & Paperback formats. >>Take your Power Back and Change your Life.<<

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