2004 changed my life...

"I had two choices. To get on with what was left of my life, or to lie there and give up. Giving up would have been a long and lonely route, so I chose the other. I got up and got on with it…”

In 2004, I realised I was witnessing somebody demonstrate the simplest yet most powerful solution to pretty much every human concern; every worry, struggle, heartbreak, jealousy, grief, confusion, overwhelm, stress, sadness, disappointment, frustration, procrastination, anxiety and much more. It changed the way I perceived my life in an instant and became my magic formula for happiness. As soon as I started to harness its power, my life changed for the better, instantly. It's the method I still use on a daily basis to make my life easier, happier and stress free.

It's so simple and so bloody good, I thought about it constantly until I couldn't keep it to myself any longer. So, I wrote a book about it. 200 pages of inspiration, motivation, strategies, tips and guidance to creating inner peace and lasting happiness.

People often ask me what inspired me to write this book. For me, it wasn't 'what' it was 'who'.

So today, I'd like to share with you what happened back in 2004 to motivate me to take control of my journey, change my life and transform 'From Passenger to Pilot'...

"Jamie, a good friend of mine, was diving into the cooling water of the River Thames one hot and sunny Sunday morning in 2004, with a group of friends. They had taken a picnic with them and after having something to eat, they all decided to go back into the water in the late afternoon. Jamie went back to the same spot that he had been diving off earlier in the day and dived into the river.

What he didn’t know at the time is that the River Thames is tidal and in the time it had taken them to eat their lunch, the level of the water had changed substantially. As Jamie plunged into the now shallow water, his head collided with a large rock, compressing his spinal column and, as he later found out, breaking his neck.

Jamie had been a very active guy. At only 25 years old, he lived with his girlfriend in a top floor flat. He was a keen mountain climber, loved riding his bike and running and was a newly qualified doctor of chiropractic. He had a very active social life, loved skiing holidays, trekking, mountaineering and travelling. Basically his whole life revolved around being outdoors, being active, energetic and busy.

A few days after his accident, Jamie woke up out of the induced coma he had been in, to be told that he had two collapsed lungs and was paralysed from the neck down. His prognosis was poor; he would certainly never walk again and would need specialist care for the rest of his life. He had no movement in his hands, no tricep strength, which meant he would need an electric wheelchair to get around, and he felt nothing from his chest down. Doctors confirmed there was nothing that could be done to remove his paralysis.

Faced with this level of adversity, it is easy to assume how you would feel in Jamie’s situation. To be trapped in a paralysed body would be so difficult to handle. How you possibly live any sort of life? Every waking day would be so damn hard to get through, surely?

However, from that day, Jamie did something that even now, ten years later, I find amazing.

He never stopped smiling.

As we, his friends and family, visited him in hospital and later in rehab, our hearts broke to see our once active, healthy friend lying in a hospital bed, his muscles effectively wasting away. He was physically shrinking before our eyes and without fail we would hold our tears until we left his room, when the floodgates would open.

Little did we know that even though his physical body was shrinking, his mental strength was growing at a rate of knots.

He never had anything but a smile for us. He honestly never complained. He worked as hard as he could to get through the gruelling rehab so he could go home. Within six months, he had booked a holiday to South America with his girlfriend and his caregiver. Only nine months after his accident, his medical team determined he was well enough to go on the trip. In fact it went so well that on his return he booked a further trip to Australia to visit some friends. He knew no bounds. Nothing was going to stop him, paralysed or not.

During his rehab, he was told that he should consider suing the Thames Council, as there were no signs warning of the tides and rocks. Jamie’s response was that it was his responsibility, for he had chosen to jump into the water and that it was an accident. He kept the blame firmly at his own door.

He then had to move back to his native Sweden because he could no longer sustain the flat he had previously paid for with his salary. As a non-UK permanent resident, he had no rights to any disability benefit or assistance. Instead of bemoaning the fact, he enrolled himself in university to study as a psychologist – a job he knew didn’t have any physical requirements, just his brain. In this way, he ensured that he could earn money and pay his way through life; something he had always intended on doing before his accident.

A few years later, he proposed to the girlfriend who had stayed with him throughout his recovery. He didn’t go down on one knee to propose, nor did he get to walk down the aisle; he did things his way, his new way.

Despite being told that they may never be able to conceive, they now have two beautiful children.

Jamie’s story is the perfect illustration of someone who kept a tight hold on his Personal Power against all the odds. He didn’t blame anyone else for his predicament. He accepted his situation straight away, rather than wasting time and energy fighting what he couldn’t change. He did what he could with a difficult situation and not for one second did he become a victim of his circumstances.

You might say that Jamie is a one-off, a special kind of person to be able to cope with all that in such an amazing way, but you know what? He’s just a person, like the rest of us. He just chose to embrace a can do attitude and took his Personal Power back.

Fortune favours the brave, not the victim. I will show you how to break out of the confines of victim status and reclaim your future. Get the life you want, need and deserve; transform your routine of complaints and excuses into one of joy and gratitude.

Taking back your power is like taking the lead on the flight of your life — choosing to step out of the passenger seat and becoming the pilot. Taking responsibility for the destination and for all the joy, excitement and happiness that you experience during the ride.

When you gather up your personal power, you stop blaming others for your lack of happiness, you release fear and empower yourself to live a fearless life, without limits. You are no different to anyone else! You too can have the life you want.

The journey begins here…"

Excerpt taken from 'From Passenger to Pilot' by Lucy Day, International Psychic Medium. Available in Paperback & Kindle Versions from Amazon. To purchase a copy of Lucy's life changing book, please click here.

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