The Beauty of Spirit Babies

"There’s a beautiful little girl with you in spirit. She is standing next to you and tells me you are her Mother - she looks very like you. She comes everywhere with you and is so proud of you. A strong little girl, she hates to see you so sad and wants you to stand up for yourself more…"

This was the start of just one of many, many communications I received a few weeks ago from a spirit child during a psychic reading. This one, like many, was from a miscarried baby. It may seem strange to you but often babies who don’t make it to full term, either via miscarriage, stillbirth or abortion, will come through to me before I even connect to your sons and daughters who have made it here.

Connecting with babies who have passed before reaching earth is truly incredible - such a humbling experience. The most beautiful aspect of the link is that they tell me they’re incredibly close to their mother, no matter how many years have passed, they communicate very strongly and clearly and they often act as guardians to Mum - helping and guiding her through difficult times. They are fiercely protective, very caring and often very wise.

What do they look like? These lovely children always have a characteristic of the parents so I can usually see their features, their height and build and usually also feel their personality and characteristics. Yes! They have everything a child on earth would have and they come through to me as young children, teens or young adults, depending on how long ago they were known to you.

Sometimes the parent doesn’t know they even had a miscarriage (this happens a lot with very early loss) or they have regret and guilt around speaking to a baby they aborted. This is totally understandable but please let me assure you that in every communication I have had, the child has been totally understanding and they hold no guilt or anger or regret, just love, support and pride. They often tell me that they are simply following their chosen journey - they chose to be in your life in this capacity and they are completely at peace with this.

I know it’s hard to read these things and truly, it's taken me some months to decide to write this article. It’s such a sensitive issue. But I have been so blessed to see the beauty in this so many times that I feel I should share it.

Spirit children are some of the wisest, more connected and loving souls that I have ever had the pleasure of spending time with. In every capacity, they have an extent of love and compassion that would mesmerise you. But we all have our journey, we all choose our ‘part’ in this play of life, so to speak and for some, the part is to be played out in spirit, to guide, support and love from that position.

Though it is hard to accept the passing of a loved one, especially a child, I hope that this brings you some peace. I know it certainly brings peace to my clients when they experience this for themselves. I am always left with the most wonderful of images as the child stands next to their Mother - usually on the right hand side - and almost guards them, affectionately, proudly and with love.

I shall leave this beautiful image with you. Thanks for reading.

Lucy x

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