Direct Line to Heaven?

As a Medium, it is natural that most people who request a reading from me will have a specific loved one in mind that they would like to hear from. It would be wonderful to know that they are on the end of the 'phone' so to speak and are waiting for us to connect to them.
I have my own language and signs for communication with spirit and I often find they are very insistent on getting my attention when they wish to be acknowledged, so chances are they will let me know pretty early on that they are there!
No medium in the world can guarantee that specific person will come through in a reading unfortunately, and there are many reasons why: some do not have the energy to come through (it takes quite some effort on their part as well); some have disconnected with their lives here and don't wish to return to earth to communicate; some just don't want to come through or feel that it is not pertinent to you for them to come at this time. However some are very keen to communicate and will be through almost instantly and others who wait patiently for their time to communicate and when given an invitation by me to link, will be very willing to speak. There is of course the chance that this isn't the person you expected, or wanted to hear from. As the channel for communication, Mediums have no control over this, we simply communicate the message or contact that the spirit present wishes us to. We work as a channel for the deceased and a good Medium will adhere to the unspoken rules of translation and communication, not get involved in trying to make a reading go a certain way. Many people would love to have a full conversation with their relative or friend and have a specific set of questions they would like to ask. In my experience, spirit do not always directly answer such questions, however they will if they are particularly strong and able to communicate well (and there are a select few who hold full conversations and even give lectures and talks from the spirit world), but in most cases Mediums are given images, single words and feelings which they then translate into sentences for your understanding. Contact is not guarantee but I have hundreds of wonderful memories of connecting with your loved ones. I am always grateful for any communications received as this is such a special and wonderful gift to receive from the other side. It truly is a miraculous gift to know in your heart that life does not cease at death and our loved ones are with us wherever we go. Sometimes you may have contact from someone you don't even know and this can cause confusion, however we are bound to give you the messages we receive, even if the person does not seem familiar. It may be that you receive a message from someone who is related to a friend or another family member, at other times it may be a Spirit Guide or Guardian who wishes to make themselves known to you. If this happens in your reading, keep the person in mind and you will find that the identity of the person reveals itself to you in time. If Spirit do not come through in your reading it doesn't mean that there's anything wrong with them, that they are lost, or don't care about you. Either they are not able to connect with me, or simply as I said before, they do not feel it is the right time to connect, or they do not wish to. You will find with my readings that I work with your Higher Consciousness as well as messages from Spirit, so you will be sure to receive spiritual insight and practical guidance on the betterment of your daily life and purpose. You can of course say that you are looking to speak to someone specific before the reading and we will try to connect with that person for you. If you do however, please do not say any more than 'is there someone with me who would like to connect with me' or 'I'd like to hear from my Grandma' as it is the details from spirit that you will receive in a reading, which allow you to verify the connection is true. If you choose to have a reading with me then I would like to say that it is an honour to work for you and to be allowed to share the intimate details of your life in that moment, so, truly, thank you.
MM x
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