Shoulda, woulda, coulda...

There's a million things I could, or should, be doing right now. I've got a to do list as long as my arm and never enough hours in the day. Plus with two young children, half of what I do gets undone within minutes any way. My default response is to force myself to do whatever it is that needs doing, but normally this ends up in me struggling and stressing over it, either making a total hash of it, or giving up.

For years I have done this; forced myself to work, forced myself to reply to a difficult email because I 'should', forced myself to work on a project that just isn't working in my mind. All that wasted time has taught me one thing - if my heart's not in it, my mind won't concentrate and my intentions will be way off line, resulting in a poor job and a 'failure' of wasted time and effort.

So now, before I do anything, I activate my intuition - firstly I ask myself 'is it urgent?' if so, then I do it now, I don't put it off, I get it done. If not, then I ask 'do I feel like doing it?' if not then I put it to one side and choose another task, something I have enthusiasm for. Something that needs or fits being done right now. In the same way, if there is something that has been plaguing my mind for a while, I know that I intuitively need to attend to it - this may be a person, a work task or even just a creative project.

As a creative person, I know that anything linked to my work or even creating in the home, needs me to be enthusiastic. I know full well how to bake a cake, for example, but if my heart's not in it, the cake normally ends up a mess because I've rushed it, or I've not paid attention. When I bake with love and effort, I'm more creative and the end result is normally 100 times better.

On the days when I plan according to my intuition and in line with my mood, I am in harmony with myself and I create something far more magical. Plus, these days flow like clockwork. I figure that very little is so urgent, so important, that it can't wait for you to gather some enthusiasm about it.

Keep Smiling!

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