Do you trust your gut?

As a Psychic Medium and Qualified Coach, I rely on my intuition as one of my tools to carry out my work. In fact, if I allow my mind to interfere with my readings at all, they become a 'creation of my mind', rather than a pure psychic connection to my client. But although I have learned to trust my intuition 100%, many people I know and meet tell me that they struggle to trust theirs, even though their intuition is often proved right 'I should have trusted my gut feelings, it was right after all' is a common phrase.

For me, intuition is a feeling, it's a knowledge which comes from a place deep inside me. It's not thought, or a worry or a hope, but a knowledge. I use my intuition to see into my future and feel my way around decisions. Sometimes it's as little as feeling that something isn't right - you can't put your finger on it, but it doesn't feel right. Or at times it may be having a feeling about something or someone that you can't explain. That is your intuition, your 6th sense coming into play.

I don't feel you always need to react immediately to your intuitive feelings. Sometimes it's enough to just put some space around the issue, not act or react and see how things pan out - normally the truth reveals itself very quickly.

As society becomes faster paced, we feel we should respond, react, faster and faster - because we can. Years ago a letter would take a few days to be delivered, we would then have a couple of days to contemplate a reply before sitting down to write and then sending that response back - the whole conversation taking at least a week. Now we receive an email at any hour of the day or night and normally respond within hours if not minutes of receiving it. The issue therefore, has not had any space around it, time to resolve, develop in any way, and we are often reactionary, rather than contemplative about our reply.

When we allow some quiet time, we can dig deeper into ourselves and allow our own truths, our own answers to surface. That is when our intuition is allowed some airspace and can drown out our thoughts (which are often just a re-hash of something you have read, been told or heard from someone else, anyway). True independent actions based on what is best for you can really only come from your intuition - everything else is just recycled.

Food for thought! -

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