Predicting the Future... My Modern take on the ancient psychic tradition


We used to be known as 'Fortune Tellers' for good reason - visitors came with the single purpose of finding out what was going to happen in their future. But now, many of us are beginning to understand the level of personal responsibility which comes with telling someone their future.

Reading a blog post the other day, I was concerned to see a guy asking for help on becoming a Medium, as he'd been told by a clairvoyant that's what he was going to be in the future. This chap had taken that information and immediately gone off to research everything about being a Medium and wanted to start becoming one right now, even though he had no idea where to start.

Timing can be a real issue; it may be that the chap had the opportunity to be a Medium in the future, but not necessarily now. Perhaps it was his destiny to finally find that part of his identity twenty years from now.

Unfortunately, by trying to move this to the present, he was setting himself up for nothing more than failure and disappointment, which in turn would lead him to believe that this reading was 'incorrect'.

Space and time do not exist in the spirit world and it is a brave Clairvoyant who attempts to accurately predict timings, I have not come across an infallible solution to this as yet.

Don't forget that Clairvoyants and Mediums are 'channels' for communication, meaning we must translate what we see, hear and feel into understandable information for our sitter. Sometimes that may be images, feelings or single words. We then have to communicate this to our sitters in an easy-to-understand manner.

When a medium says 'you will change jobs soon', spirit may actually have meant 'in the next year or so'. The sitter may hear 'soon' and because they are desperate to get out of a miserable job, translate this as 'in the next month'. When of course they are still in that miserable job 6 months later, they are hugely disappointed and feel the reading has been wrong. Timing future events not only lift expectations but also leave a huge potential for confusion and misinterpretation.

When I speak with Spirit and my sitter's Higher Consciousness, I believe that they do not want us to necessarily 'see our future' from their communications. Most messages from Spirit that I have the privilege of conveying are simply filled with support, love, reassurance and compassion for the present, hope for the future and healing for the past.

When I read for people, I like to leave them with a feeling of increased self-empowerment by helping them to see more clearly why things are happening and how they can take responsibility for their future happiness.

Giving someone their power back is, I believe, worth far more than giving them empty promises. That's not to say that you won't ever have an insight into your future. I believe that spirit reveal 'what is (potentially) going to happen' when this information aims to settle a worried mind, to reassure. This is usually when a sitter is causing themselves inappropriate concern or worry that 'it will never happen' and therefore blocking their potential.

You would be amazed at how many people have huge potential but block it with their own feelings of lack (and that's another subject for another blog post!) Those of us who provide readings have a huge personal responsibility when it comes to sharing 'potential' future outcomes. It really depends on how the sitter interprets the information, which is of course out of our control.

Living in the now is the only way we can maximise our potential and enjoy the life we have carved out for us. Pulling the future back into the present just puts everything out of sync, lifts our expectations and paves the way for failure and disappointment.

So, next time you have a reading, hope to leave feeling empowered with knowledge and reassurance, rather than lifted by potential outcomes and future possibilities. Then when it all works out, you only have one person to thank - YOU.

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