Tread softly... the only thing you can control, is you.

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Many things that happen in this world upset me, like the ravaging of our natural environment and the senseless endangering of powerless animals through pure greed. But as upset as I get, I have to remind myself that the only thing in life I can truly control is myself. There are so many things that happen that I wish were different but we can only responsible for our own actions or inaction.

That's not to say I can't do anything about my concerns - if I wanted to enough, I could dedicate my life to making a positive change to those animals - I could campaign, I could join a rescue team, etc. If I really wanted to do it, there is nothing to stop me, like those who are already actively changing things one person at a time.

But if I choose not to do this, then there is no benefit to getting angry, to shouting about it - this is just wasted energy. Instead, I should postively affect what I can, what is within my reach, what works for me at this time.

Goodness comes from within, so when I get upset about the state of the world at large, I ground my concerns - I reaffirm my intention to never knowingly hurt another soul, in any way. I reaffirm my intention to dedicate my professional life to helping others through this work. And, I promise myself that when I am ready to help 'the bigger picture', I will.

I won't just moan about it and do nothing. The truth is there are plenty of 'heroes in their heads' or 'couch philosophers', but relatively few 'heroes on the ground'. The truth is that actions speak louder than words and shouting about injustice is just wasted energy.

I will tread softly and take responsibility for my footprints.

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