"I strongly believe you changed my life. Thank you for reassuring me of how important it is to stay authentic and to stop comparing and start embracing who I really am."

K.R. Townsville, QLD

Feeling stuck or overwhelmed?  
Are you stressed and nearing burn out? 
Or simply feeling unmotivated and a little lost? 
Research has proven over and over again that times of anxiety, stress and overwhelm are a result of being disconnected from our true selves - from a life of meaning. Using my meaningful-life-story methodology, the MLT Method (More to Life Transformation Method)  I help you to change your story and transform your outlook.
My unique motivational courses, life-changing programmes and free inspirational downloads have been created to bring you instant inspiration, a greater understanding of your true path through life, greater contentment, freedom from stress and worry, more money, greater clarity and much more. 
Using thousand year old zen techniques, modern psychology and futuristic concepts, you'll find my fast-results methods easy-to-follow but life-changing when applied. 
Transform at your own pace, in your own home, wherever, whenever...

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