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Giving away your Personal Power is like putting the light out on your potential happiness...
My latest book ‘From Passenger to Pilot’ is now AVAILABLE TO BUY!
Do you ever feel stuck, frustrated, overwhelmed or worried? 
Are you ready to change your life?
My book, From Passenger to Pilot will teach you to become the pilot of your own journey, to take control over your life and your thoughts, and allow happiness in - for good. 
"I'm reading your book and feeling an inner peace, it's beautiful with so many feelings having gone into it, I'm learning so much already..." B.W. Australia, November 2015
My step by step guide to INSTANTLY reclaiming your Personal Power is packed full of LIFE-CHANGING strategies to PERMANENTLY change your perception, IGNITE your happiness and give you the tools to create the life YOU WANT to live.
"Lucy’s message is healing, and hearty ‘take your power back to live the life you dream’. I felt deeply

From Passenger to Pilot by Lucy Day - Paperback

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