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The quieter you become, the closer we can be. As the noise lessens, the distractions reduce, the veil thins and we can connect like never before. Feel our Love. For Love is the key. 

Trust not in the empty words of others. Trust in the Truth within. The Self. For...

April 11, 2020


We hear you asking if there is there an end to this?

Yes, Dear Child, but the end is just the beginning. New rules, new Energy. A time more than ever for the truth to be told, dragged to the surface, favourable and not. Not all news is positive, Child. But a...

It's ok to not be happy... 

Are you happy? Right now? Or are you just 'ok'? 

When did you LAST FEEL HAPPY? 

Recall the time in in your mind - it was a moment, right? A fleeting moment? Not a day-long feeling, but a fleeting moment?

So if happiness is just a moment - w...

I used to spend so much time in my head I’m surprised I got anything done. My mind was like a whirring dervish - spinning and spinning from dusk until dawn. 

She had great power over me. 

From the minute she woke, she was begging me to distract her, t...

‘Oh Dear God, he’s doing it again…’ 

Looking for the safest place to pull over on the 70mph motorway, I gritted my teeth as I listened to the dog heaving in the back seat. 

Dark blue leather with cream stitched trim. And only two months old. (Not the dog, the sparkly Aud...

January 17, 2018

"Argh I give up!" I snarled to my inner thoughts, "What the HELL do I do?!?"

It had been 48 hours and I was still thinking about depressing scenarios, my inner voice becoming more and more uncomplimentary, bitter and fearful. I'd just about got myself to the point where...

We take everyone we meet home with us. 

No matter what's going on in our personal lives, whether we're late to pick the kids up, have to pack for holidays, in a dispute with the builders or we're struggling financially and have bills to pay, whatever is on our minds, we...

We don't know everything. 

We know you're desperate for the reassurance that all is going to be OK, that things will work out, that what you've been waiting for will happen and more importantly, WHEN it will happen. 

We know that at the moment you are with us, you are tr...

June 25, 2017

We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into... At first, being able to connect with people psychically is a proper buzz. I imagine it's a bit like how Harry Potter felt when he first used his magical powers. There's nothing in this world like it, it's exciting a...

Love this quote. Moments that feel like problems appear to help form our path, a gentle soul-nudge that we've drifted off track. Times of trouble give us a chance to find out how strong we are, what we're capable of, what we need to change or suggest a simple adjustmen...

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February 2, 2018

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January 17, 2018

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