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Lucy Day - The Modern Medium

Honours Degree in International Business, Qualified Life & Business Coach, Practitioner of European Coaching Institute, Member of The International Institute of Complementary Therapies

International Psychic Medium & Intuitive Coach

I asked my daughter what she wanted to be when she grows up, ‘a chicken!’ she exclaimed. I gave her a second chance, ‘an onion!’ came back the reply. 




But then again, she was only four. By eight I remember distinctly fantasising about being one of Michael Jackson’s backing dancers. Anyone who has seen me ‘moonwalk’ will know how that would have turned out!

Luckily, I aspired a little higher than a root vegetable and now live a truly authentic and peaceful life: walking my true path, in my dream job and connecting to my soul on a daily basis. I live in the beautiful hinterland of Queensland, Australia and give my accurate psychic readings and coaching to clients all over the world by email and phone. 


My life is a result of taking MASSIVE RISK and creating HUGE CHANGES...  


By 18 I wanted to be the boss of a huge company, just like my Dad. Why? Not because I’d thought it through, but mainly because he had a hot car and a big office and it looked pretty cushy. Plus, I had proven to myself I could sell by working in telesales from the age of 16 so I thought it was well within my scope. 


I did it... Sort of. At 30, I’d worked my way up to being the Boss of a Pharma Company.


Good, yes..? No. 


It did nothing for me. It was jaw-achingly stressful, painfully money focussed and relentlessly profit driven. It was soul-less and, to me, pointless. It involved more people management than profiteering and I would rather stick pins in my eyes than referee a 'personality' difference between Sheila in Accounts and Robyn in Sales. 


I HATED IT. But it paid the bills, it stroked my ego and it was all I knew. 

For years, my hobby had been my spiritual interest - I'd been fascinated by self-development, psychology, the power of the mind and what made some people more successful than others. I'd trained as a life coach at 25 and from an earlier age had yearly psychic readings. I seemed to bump-into spiritual people all the time and was drawn to anything self-development based. 

One afternoon my best friend went to visit a psychic called Rob for a reading. I couldn't make it so she took an old ring of mine for him to do a quick psychometry (jewellery) psychic reading for me. 


My friend came home with big news! Rob had held my jewellery and told her that I was a POWERFUL MENTAL AND PHYSICAL PSYCHIC MEDIUM and that he needed to speak to me straight away!


This was news to me! After I'd finished laughing my head off, and thinking that this guy was clearly nuts, I phoned him that afternoon (you'd be intrigued too, right?). After a quick introduction he asked me to 'do a phone psychic reading' for a lady I had never met nor seen: all he would give me was her name. The time was set - 7pm that night. 

"Are you crazy?" I laughed at him. "I can't do that!" 

I knew nothing of how to do a psychic reading, let alone doing it by phone and for a stranger.

I told him I'd think about it but eventually figured I'd nothing to lose, so I phoned him at 7pm and did what told me to do - basically to 'imagine' this lady, Sharon Johnston, in my mind and 'say what I saw' in my minds' eye. 

Obviously I felt like I was just making it up, so  no one was more surprised than me when, details about this lady's life started to flow from my lips... WTF?! In my mind's eye I realised I could see her life, her husband, last night's argument AND what was going to happen to her next. As I got into it, I even began to convince myself - I didn't know why but it felt RIGHT.

After he ended the call, Rob went off with his notes to call 'Sharon' and see whether my phone reading had been accurate. Calling back ten minutes later he confirmed my details were accurate and HE TOO had been right - in his words, I was a very accurate psychic medium and, if I didn't mind, he wanted to help me uncover my psychic gifts further. He then predicted I could connect to spirit (the afterlife) and would work in the profession successfully. 


Well, I was blown away...

Obviously there's a lot more to this story including how I left my corporate job as a Pharma Boss (and the difficult journey to revealing my new profession ~ read more in my book - here) but the short version is that over the years I developed my psychic abilities purely with practise (Rob kept finding me strangers to practice on!) and I eventually decided I to ask for a recent selfie / photo to get EVEN more detail about their lives (from using a photo to do the reading). 

When I connected all the dots, I realised I'd been working up to this my whole life. All my spiritual searching, everything I'd learned from my own lessons, my life coaching business, my psychology and self-development work, everything had led me to applying my innate gift of pure psychic sight (namely clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience) to helping others. 

For the past decade I have connected with over 1,000 'strangers', doing accurate email and phone psychic readings from just a photo of them. For 3 years I was Townsville's top psychic medium, reading for hundreds of local truth-seekers quickly building up an amazing reputation. Now, living in the Queensland Hinterland, I work from the comfort of my office for people all over the world. 

It still amazes me that I don't need to sit with you to read for you and I smile every time I get a client from a far-flung part of the world like Norway or Abu Dhabi and connect to their lives on a deep level using just a photo. 

I love it and I know you will love it too... 

if you liked that...

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