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Lucy Day is 'The Modern Medium' - her aim is to give you practical and workable ways to use your newly found knowledge at home and with friends and clients. She doesn't use rituals or hard-to-grasp techniques but instead helps you to easily find your 'switch' to connect confidently or learn reframing methods, techniques or insights. 

Lucy's indepth and hands-on workshops are inspiring, practical and hugely useful. They all include learnings, guided meditations and exercises to assist with your development but more importantly, lots of practise - fundamental to creating a confident personal process. Take advantage of Lucy's years of experience and thousands of hours of private readings with an insight into her world and beyond.


Book early to avoid disappointment - Lucy's workshops ALWAYS book out a couple of weeks before.


Life after Death

Fearless Life

Intuitive Life

'Now I'm not afraid of my gift, thank you...'

"Thank you Lucy for today! I now am not afraid of the gift I've known to have for quiet sometime and now can express it through practise, practise, practise... and patience to control and deliver messages clearly without doubting my abilities."

R. Townsville. Psychic Development Workshop. 

'Absolutely Mind Blowing!'


I had such an amazing experience with you and the ladies... I absolutely loved the calming and peacefulness of the meditation, and learning to tap into our 6th sense was absolutely mind blowing I loved every moment of it

You really have helped me change for the better and have helped me see a different but more exciting future for myself. I cant wait to start playing around with my psychic side and feeling the amazing energies this world has.

A. B. Townsville. Attended Psychic Development Workshop. 


'Now I have more confidence in my abilities...'

"The energy in the room was great. It felt relaxed and comfortable immediately. There was no expectation or pressure to be, do, hear, feel, see or know anything. Which is why I surprised myself at my accuracy during the activities. Thank you for giving me this opportunity. I now have more confidence in my abilities. I look forward to practising and continuing my learning with you."

Cathy, Psychic Development Workshop - Townsville. 

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I am a little different. I don’t use cards, tea leaves, a crystal ball or runes. I am The Modern Medium. My feet are firmly on the ground and my connection to spirit is real, practical and useful. 


Imagine sitting down with a complete stranger who knows all about you and your life, your innermost feelings, hopes, dreams, future and past - without asking you a thing. 


That is what it is to have a reading with me. 


If you choose an email reading, from only a name and photograph, I can read your past, present and future. I speak to loved ones who wish to be remembered to you and I see into your life in detail. 


I talk, you listen.