Are you an animal lover? Would you love to communicate with your pets on a regular basis and wish that you could create a one-on-one dialogue with them? 


As a professional animal communicator, it would be so wrong of me not to share this incredible form of communication, especially when it is so accessible and EASY when you know how to do it.


I am so pumped to be sharing the simple process of connecting and communicating with animals so that everyone can start TALKING to and HEARING their pets. 

Just think... how much happier our pets are when they are truly heard.

How much better pet guardians we are when we KNOW what they want.

How knowing whether they are in pain, or discomfort, straight from the horses mouth, so to speak, gives them a voice! 

With my Animal Communication ECourse - you now have the choice to LISTEN, to do something about your pets' desires and to make life BETTER for them. 

I truly believe that communicating with animals is EASY. 

It's about two things: BELIEF and PRACTICE. 

If you're here, reading this, then I know you already BELIEVE that animals can communicate and that the secret is to getting YOU to UNDERSTAND and HEAR them. 

If you believe, then all you have to do is learn the technique and practise - with practise makes perfect. 


Anyone can do this. 


This knowledge was something that I learned years ago, before the era of online courses and distance learning - it cost me a lot of time and money and travelling to do. But I'd be lying if I told you that you needed me to show you this face to face - it's easily translated online. 


I am so passionate about bringing this simple technique to you that I have created a video-course which shares with you everything I have learned and understood over the years I've spent communicating with animals. 

I am now able to scan an animal from a photograph in SECONDS and gain instant insight into their health, happiness and potential compatability with a new owner. This is a hugely helpful thing to be able to do for horses, for example, when you are assessing a new horse companion for its suitability with your family and horsemanship. 

Dogs and cats can communicate far more than you will ever give them credit for. They are incredible souls and deserve to be heard. 

Animal Communication can be practised on ALL animals, domestic and wild, big and small. 

NOW, you can learn the introductory elements, at your own pace, at your leisure from the comfort of your home, WITH ME AS YOUR TEACHER!





This exclusive workshop is taught by me, Lucy Day, The Modern Medium via video, it contains the fool-proof process to connecting with and communicating with your animals, allowing you to understand more about their...

  • Health issues

  • Pain and discomfort

  • Likes and dislikes

  • Fears and desires

  • Favourite places, foods, activities

  • Worries and phobias

  • Feelings

  • Relationships, quirks and preferences 

and much more...  


Everything I’m passing on to you through this course has been tried and tested by yours-truly. Every technique, insight and piece of wisdom has been practised by me for over 8 years. 

This unique course is ALL ONLINE (delivered by one video and one document) so you can work at your own pace from anywhere in the world. It's designed entirely by me to introduce you to the main elements of animal communication that can then be extended, added to and expanded on if/when you wish to take your learning further into other intuitive fields. 

at only $129 Australian Dollars

When you buy my Animal Communication ECourse, you’ll instantly be sent a link to the video and downloadable guide which will take you through the workshop step by step, with full audio explanations and guidance from me.

Never done an online course before? I was always a bit put off by online learning, until I realised how easy it could be created. I've made this course REALLY SIMPLE to access and use. I've created it so it's EXACTLY like being in a face to face workshop with me. 

Your training will be sent to you via email and includes: 

  • Your easy to follow, guided workshop, A SINGLE VIDEO FOR YOU TO WATCH designed to guide you along the journey into Animal Communication at a safe, easy and understandable pace.

  • No complex jargon or stressful tests or 'work' to do. Just read, learn and practise.


  • This paced video allows you to take your time to follow the guidance - before long you'll have a wonderful new skill under your belt. You have Life-time access to this video - watch and rewatch at your pace!


  • Watch on your iPad, iPhone, Smart Phone, Tablet, TV, PC or Laptop. 


  • The video features audio guidance by professional Animal Communicator & Psychic Medium, Lucy Day. Pop some headphones on and watch from anywhere!

PLUS! Bonus Features..!

A FULLY DOWNLOADABLE Guide for you to print out / download or simply refer to whenever you wish. Making it even easier for you to reference the information I am giving you. 

BONUS MEDITATION MP3 to help calm your mind and connect you to your intuitive side, allowing for deeper connection and communication. 

Your antidote to rubbish TV! Sit in your pjs with your laptop and a glass of wine and indulge your mind with some new learning and wisdom - learn a new skill from the comfort of your own home!

at only $129 Australian Dollars

I had such an amazing experience with you and the ladies, I absolutely loved it. Thank you so very much for inviting me to experience this and it is definitely a road I want to keep learning about.

Thank you so much Lucy you really have helped me change for the better and have helped me see a different but more exciting future for myself. I can't wait to start playing around with my psychic side and feeling the amazing energies this world has.

A. B. Townsville. Workshop Attendee, February 2016. 

My interactive course will teach you... 

  • How and why we should communicate with animals 

  • The mystery of the Animal Mind

  • How to quieten your monkey mind

  • How to access your inner sight

  • How to Access the Animal Mind

  • How to communicate face to face AND remotely

Plus lots more!

How will the course run? 


Simply sign up and work at your own pace. You’ll receive an email with the links and learnings. 

Who is this course for?

If you can access the internet, you can easily read and follow this course. This has been PERFECTLY designed for the non-techy person.

Are you an animal lover? 

Would you like to know what your pet is thinking? 

Would you love to learn a new skill? 

Wish to add Animal Communication to your existing Animal Based Business? 

Want to use Animal Communication to understand your livestock or working animals better? 

Want to become a professional Animal Communicator and need the basics? 

Interested in learning with a Professional, who will show you how to quickly get to the helpful information and leave the complexities to another day? 


I am so passionate about sharing the incredible art of Animal Communication can’t wait to bring you on this exciting journey!


Lucy Day, Animal Communicator &

International Psychic Medium 

The Modern Medium. 

  • Professional Psychic Medium 
  • Qualified Life and Business Coach 
  • Published Author
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Workshop Teacher & Mentor

Lucy is a highly experienced Psychic Medium, working with people across the globe to achieve contentment, alignment, peace of mind, success, harmony and spiritual connection.

Living in the beautiful City of Townsville, Australia, she is originally from the UK. Some years ago now, Lucy decided to 'take her own advice' put her ultimate faith in her Intuition to change EVERYTHING.


From her successful role as the Head of a Pharmaceutical company, Lucy left it all to embrace her TRUE identity as a Psychic Medium and move her family to her spiritual home, 13000km from everything she knew. 


Lucy now serves as a bridge between this life and the next, a channel for spirit, a seer of the future and a catalyst for spiritual change. 

Learning with Lucy Day is a personal and unique experience - a launch pad for an exciting new lifestyle or career or simply a way of connecting further with yourself, friends and family.