what's a reading with me like? Let me tell you...

'From very early in our session, I felt like you had known me my whole life. The connection was strong and real.'

not just

a Psychic...

'I walked away feeling energised and confident... I will definitely be back!'


Think of me as a powerful combination of psychic and motivational coach - I don’t just give you predictions for your future, I find your blocks, unlock your potential and motivate you to see just how confident, happy, focussed and sorted your life can be with some positive changes. 


'My first reading - I was sceptical but you knew so much..'


In the busy world we live in, we all need someone to keep us on track, to give us some direction, a pathway to follow - so think of me as YOUR GUIDE, here to shine a light on the best path for YOU. Like therapy for your soul, I connect to the desires deep inside of you and help you bring them to life. 


I know you haven’t got time to tell your life story - you need someone who can literally read your mind… 


'You read me like an open book... truly amazing!’ 


During a private session, I quickly get into your head, heart and soul without you saying a word and WITHIN SECONDS of connecting will know what’s bothering you and how to fix it. I’ll delve into your family life, relationship, career, finances, health, life purpose, future, past, confidence, self esteem, energy blocks and more...

Sound good? Let's get you booked in...

'Lucy has an amazing gift! I feel very fortunate to have crossed paths with her...'

"Having a reading with Lucy is like going for counselling except you don't waste half of your appointment explaining what is going on in your head. She has the most amazing energy and intermediately makes you feel at ease


Lucy gave me the direction and clarification that I was so desperately seeking. Although some of the details I probably didn't want to accept I know that I had already come to that realisation and hadn't admitted them to myself. 


I came out of the appointment with a sense of purpose. I had purchased her book prior to the reading but had only had a quick glance through it. Since then I have used it as a tool to help me get back on track and put me in good stead for where I want to go.  The first time I read through it. The second, I spent the time going through the exercises.


I have no hesitation in recommending others to see Lucy.  I believe Lucy will be a vital part of my ongoing self development.


She definitely has an amazing gift and I feel very fortunate to have crossed paths with her."

PS: Lucy, my friend 'N' is like a new woman after seeing you. No words can explain how much you help people. x 

Lisa, Townsville - 1hr indepth psychic reading - face to face.