horse readings

Get the answers straight from your horse's mouth...

Got a troubled horse and need to know what's going on? 

Unexplained lameness ruining your riding experience? Wish you knew what was wrong? 

Are you having trouble hacking out, or struggling with a spooky horse? 

Or looking for a new horse but need to know the truth about its past? 

Imagine having an experienced animal psychic connect to your horse for a detailed chat and then receiving a full copy of their conversation..? Well, look no further because that's exactly what Lucy does. 


Lucy's practical, straight-forward and useful communications go straight to the heart of your horse’s history, present concerns, likes, dislikes and training / working preferences. You’ll find her readings make sense to you as the owner  and focus on practical advice and guidance as to how better care for your horse, according to their individual needs. 


Horses all have a story to tell - now you can actually hear yours for the first time. 

Lucy conducts all horse readings remotely so all she needs from you is a photograph of your horse - from anywhere in the world Lucy will give you both a general reading including health, personality, character and desires and PLUS she will send you the specific answer to 3 questions of your choice. 

To complete a full (2 pages A4) reading, all Lucy will need from you is a recent photograph (selfie) of your horse, their first name and your 3 questions.


Email Reading - $97 AUD - Click HERE to pay for and BOOK your reading today - simply select the animal reading product and follow the online prompts. As soon as she has the payment, she will contact you to send your photos and questions.  

Delivered by email in 2 weeks. 

'Makes total sense!'


"Thank you so much for Cameron's reading and for doing it so quickly. It sounds spot on! Everything you say makes total sense and will be very helpful for us. I had wondered about his eyesight because as soon as you walk alongside him, he swings round to watch you, which ends up two 'people' like dancing in a stable. 


Thanks again. He means a lot to me and this will help us to help him..."


Katie, UK - Emailed Animal Reading

'So much rang true...'


"I never thanked you in person for this - but I am grateful!  So much rang true. Maybe I will end up sending you details of another horse before I commit to purchasing him!


Thanks very much again" 


Bianka, Horse, UK - Emailed Animal Reading. January 2020

About Lucy Day, Horse & Human Psychic...

With a horse-mad mother, it was no surprise that I grew up in the UK strangely appreciating the smell of horse-poo and accustomed to early mornings watching the race-horses train on the deserted beach. 


I made my way through a few loan ponies before owning my very own Welsh Section C who Mum had ‘rescued’ from the markets for a rather reasonable 75 pounds! We had loads of fun at gymkhanas, pony club meets and even a few prelim dressage tests. 


However at 15 years old, socialising took over and horses got pushed to the bottom of the pile. It’s only now, as an adult and mother of two littles ones that I’ve found my little piece of horsey heaven on the Sunshine Coast, Australia, and bought myself two beautiful horses to reignite my passion. 


But things have changed since my pony club days, and I have changed - as a Psychic Medium i work entirely with energy and intuition and have learned that all growth, personal, spiritual and developmental is achieved through understanding one thing… ourselves. 


Horses, dogs, cats, all animals communicate through body language, energy, imagery and telepathy, yet us humans seem to have forgotten that we can do this too! Verbal language has eliminated our need to feel our way around this world. 


But your pets, your horses, they communicate with you all the time, it just needs someone to tune in and listen, to use their language, not ours. 


As a successful human psychic, I found it was also very easy for me to communicate with ALL souls, human and animal and so over the years have completed hundreds of readings, perhaps nearly over a thousand, for humans and our furry friends. 


The link may be silent but it’s very strong and you will be amazed by what your horses can tell you. 

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'I was crying within the first paragraph!'


'The puppy readings are all I wanted for my birthday! It made my day and me so happy... I was crying within the first paragraph. Such a beautiful gift you have Lucy. Thank you for sharing it with us. I always hoped to know what they were thinking and now I can be an even better mum for them. I can't thank you enough. It is so special to me.


L. Townsville. September 2016 - Emailed Animal Reading