Chances are, you're reading this because you WANT change but you're struggling to fix the problems. To fix yourself. To correct what's wrong in your world. 

How about if I told you, you don't need fixing. 

How about if I told you that it was better to just BE YOU. 

Sounds too easy, right? 

And if being you were so great, then wouldn't you be sorted already? 

I would put money on the fact that you don't like yourself an awful lot just now. That you're not being your best friend, in fact, you can sometimes be your worst enemy. 

You're tough on yourself, aren't you? You expect more from yourself. You should be grateful right? Other people have it worse. So why can't you get your act together? 

You might think you know yourself, but I will prove that you don't. 

I've been there. 

I was a really hard task master. I demanded excellence and felt that everything I did was mediocre, or worse. I was a failure, or so I thought. Too sensitive, too emotional. Not very brave. Too quick to cry. Very defensive. Pretty judgmental. Too vain. Pretty weak. 

I had tried a number of times to be successful and failed. 

The reality was that I'd actually done some amazing things too, but I rarely focussed on those - I loved praise, loved being congratulated or commended but the feeling of elation never lasted. 

I wanted to be happy, to be at peace in my heart, to feel like I'd done something, that I'd achieved more than momentary happiness.



But there were good days too, not enough, but some. On those days I felt stronger, I felt more self-assured, it was like the real me was pushing through - those were the days when I felt like life could be anything I wanted it to be.  

But they didn't last. Not enough and not long enough. 

On the inside I was insecure, sensitive and cautious, self-depreciating, mean to myself and totally lacking in confidence. Outwardly I came across as confident, together, purposeful and pretty sorted. 

Amazing how different our insides are to our outsides. 

One day I had what I now like to call it my 'fuck this shit' moment. **Excuse my swearing but that was how raw it was. 


No more. I made a promise to myself that day that I wasn't going to live with this inner bullying anymore. 


I was spending so long trying to be 'happy' like other people that I'd buried myself, buried who I was inside. I'd spent so long pushing myself down that it was no wonder I wanted to be someone else. 

I realised what was missing. ME. 

I had lost MYSELF. 

Are you sick of trying to be someone you're not? 

Fed up of looking outside for all the answers? 

It's a relief for me to tell you that this is no longer my journey. That day I decided that it was time to try something new. 

So I set off on a new track, to a new destination. A road of self discovery, understanding and self appreciation a place where the end result was nothing more than 


A place where I no longer allowed that negative self talk because I no longer believed it. 

I've been successfully living a life of alignment with my true self for nearly 10 years and now, I've decided to start you on that journey too... 

Living a life of alignment is living a life of freedom, to be who you are EVERY SINGLE DAY - at work, at home, with friendships, relationships, love, family, with your kids. Your decisions and plans and best practice with health, food, money, home, EVERYTHING comes together to create the REAL YOU. 

If you're sick of indecision, wondering who you are and why you're here and what the hell you should be doing with THIS life. Because, even though there IS AN AFTERLIFE, you're damn right that we need to be making the most of THIS ONE FIRST! 

If you want to change, to drag that AUTHENTIC YOU out of the shadows, to chip away at that plaster and reveal who you were always MEANT TO BE. Then it's time to move... 

"Hi Lucy - I have to tell how much I am getting from your morning messages...I look forward to each recording and listen to them several times throughout the day refining my thought processes and understanding at each session. It's just what I needed at this time and I can feel my outer aligning with my inner.


With your guidance via 'From WHO? to YOU!' I will be more aligned and energised shining my light... looking forward to the next 4 days."

T. Australia. From WHO? To YOU! Training Participant on Day 6 - September 2016

From WHO? To YOU!

You’re invited to go on a 10-day journey with me to become confident, inspired and empowered simply by being YOU. To bring the colour back into your life and to work out the destination that will bring YOU ultimate joy. 


"From WHO? To YOU!" is a powerful, impactful and mind-shifting 10 DAY Training created by me using everything I have learned from my own work and working with others, to help you to dig deep and find the TRUE YOU within.


Isn’t it time you discovered your true identity? To allow yourself to live a life of alignment and acceptance? To finally learn to like who you are and realise how to embrace everything that you represent? 


Yes, you CAN be happy with who you are, find the peace that comes from living in alignment and experience the ease of living a life in line with your unique character, personality and traits.

Every day for 10 days you will have me in your inbox every morning waiting to inspire you to find the real you within. 

Then ten days starts on the day you sign up - the audio can be accessed whenever you wish and as often as you like. Listen and re-listen as much as you desire - these audio trainings are yours to keep

Delivered to you wherever you are in the world, this training is packed full of inspiration, insights and intuitive messages to create change that is tailored entirely to you. 



If you don’t KNOW who you are. If you don’t LIKE who you are, how can you ever be content? 


Don’t you want to stop fighting yourself? Wouldn’t you enjoy the effortlessness that comes with living a life of true authenticity and alignment? 


I will show you everything you need to re-discover what’s been buried inside of you for far too long.





Everything I’m passing on to you through this training has been tried and tested by yours-truly. Every technique, insight and piece of wisdom has been learned personally through my own lessons and learnings from those I have worked with. 

This unique course is ALL ONLINE (delivered by audio) so you can listen at your own pace from anywhere in the world. I love the audio aspect for its flexibility and impact - change your mindset FOR GOOD and get fired up and inspired TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE in less than ten minutes a day. 

ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS LISTEN... and then follow the journalling questions to get you thinking about your personal situation. This is not WORK and it's not something you will feel you'll 'have to do', in fact, you will look forward to receiving the next day's session...

Buy now for only 
only $197 Australian Dollars

"When you see the beauty within yourself, you'll start to see the beauty surrounding you... this course literally changes the way you view EVERYTHING in your life, for the better"

When you buy my From WHO to YOU 10 Day Training, you’ll receive DAY ONE's audio training, created and recorded by me. 

Never done an audio course before? I was always a bit put off by online learning, until I realised how transformative AUDIO is. It's far more impactful than sitting with lots of sheets of work to do or trying to read through books when you're busy and have other priorities. To be able to learn on the go is GOLD!  I've made this training REALLY SIMPLE to play and use. I've created it so it's EXACTLY like having me sitting next to you, working with you except you can listen anywhere - in the car, whilst making dinner, during your lunch break - you can literally change your life in a ten minute window by learning new techniques and shifting your mindset.  

Your training will be sent to you via email and includes: 

  • Your easy to follow, audio training.

  • No complex jargon or stressful tests or 'work' to do. Just listen and learn.


  • This paced audio allows you to take your time to follow the training. You have Life-time access to this audio - listen at your pace!


  • Listen on your iPad, iPhone, Smart Phone, Tablet, TV, PC or Laptop. 


When you start From WHO? To YOU! You will also get exclusive access to my Private Facebook Community Group to share your learnings and receive the collective energy and wisdom that comes with transforming alongside like-minded people from who you will glean even more wisdom, support and encouragement. 

Every day contains mindset work for you to do after the audio which further cements your new mindset and helps you to relate all of the learning to you as an individual. 

Invest in yourself and you will get results that last you a LIFETIME. 

This is powerful, life changing and life affirming stuff... for a ridiculously low investment. 

Your antidote to rubbish TV! Sit in your pjs with your phone / laptop and a glass of wine and change your life for the good, for good, instead!!!

Who is this course for? 

  • Feeling lost? 

  • Overwhelmed? 

  • Like you've been travelling along the wrong track? 

  • As if the colour has gone from your life? 

  • Controlled or trapped in a relationship or job? 

  • Like you should be more grateful for what you have?

  • Like everyone else is getting on but you? 

And also if you

  1. Want to create a business but not sure what to do 

  2. Are looking for some sparkle in your life

  3. Are recovering from bereavement and want to add value to the rest of your life 

  4. Are a Mum or Dad who feels that by looking after everyone else, you've lost your path 

  5. Know there's more to life than this and need some direction

  6. Want to be more intuitive but know you need to know yourself first 

In essence, everyone can help themselves simply by knowing WHO THEY ARE. 

The average person gives up on their dreams by age 16 - THIS IS A SHOCKING BUT TRUE FACT! 

I believe it's not just nice to dream, it's IMPORTANT to imagine and then create a better future for yourself. 

Well, now you know. It's not just you. You're not alone. I've been there, in fact pretty much everyone you know has, or still is, walking a track that doesn't quite work. Join me and recreate that future, take your power back and commit to change. You are enough already and I will show you how... 

Join now for 
only $197 Australian Dollars

OR... Click here for a 3 monthly payment plan - pay $72/month for 3 months & spread the investment out with ease (Total payment $216) - PAYMENT PLAN

OR... Click here for a 3 monthly payment plan - pay $72/month for 3 months & spread the investment out with ease (Total payment $216) - PAYMENT PLAN

I have been meaning to contact you and let you know how grateful I am for the time I spent with you. Through connecting with me spiritually and offering amazing words of wisdom, you honestly restored clarity back into my life. I instantly felt happier after leaving your presence. You truly have a kind and caring soul that inspires me so much and I hope to definitely interact with you again soon. Thank you so very much Lucy! 


Kirsti, August 2016

What happens next? 

Sign up for my 'From WHO? to YOU!' 10 Day Transformative Training Series today and you will receive an email which confirms your registration. The training will begin with an email arriving in your inbox with the first day's training ready for you to play, for the following 10 days you wil receive your super-shifting, mindset-motivating training each and every day. 

Your training will be sent to you by email the day that you sign up and continue for the following 10 days.

Question? I'm happy to help - send me an email to today and I'll send you a personal reply. 

Let's start the journey and bring you home... 


Lucy Day, International Psychic Medium 

The Modern Medium. 

  • Professional Psychic Medium 
  • Qualified Life and Business Coach 
  • Published Author
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Workshop Teacher & Mentor

Lucy is a highly experienced Psychic Medium, working with people across the globe to achieve contentment, alignment, peace of mind, success, harmony and spiritual connection.


Lucy practises palmistry with every client she meets - a passionate palmist she is fascinated by the palms and the secrets they uncover. 

Living in the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Australia, she is originally from the UK. Some years ago now, Lucy decided to 'take her own advice' put her ultimate faith in her Intuition to change EVERYTHING.


From her successful role as the Head of a Pharmaceutical company, Lucy left it all to embrace her TRUE identity as a Psychic Medium and move her family to her spiritual home, 13000km from everything she knew. 


Lucy now serves as a bridge between this life and the next, a channel for spirit, a seer of the future and a catalyst for spiritual change. 

Learning with Lucy Day is a personal and unique experience - a launch pad for an exciting new lifestyle or career or simply a way of connecting further with yourself, friends and family.