New! - Guided Meditation Downloads by Lucy Day

"Whether you're a meditation lover or completely new to it, I've created my inspiring, guided meditations to give you a unique, motivational and uplifting experience every single time..."

~ Lucy

Need a boost, a 'time out' or simply a moment of pure connection? 

Time poor? 

Can't be doing with all that woo-woo stuff  but want to relax & achieve peace? 

Lucy Day's collection of spiritually guided, truly unique meditations are 'woo-woo' free, inspiring and motivating - practical, easy to follow, contemporary, clean and jargon-free time out. No special rituals or requirements - just plug in and float away. No meditation experience necessary! 

"II was sceptical as to how much benefit could be gained from a five minute guided meditation, having previously struggled to engage with others. But this is exactly what I need in the morning to give me a kick start and explore what it is I want from life and hopefully the more I use it the path that leads there will become clearer.  Lucy's gentle voice and visulisation prompts are fantastic and so easy to follow.

Clare, UK. August 2016

"Lucy's guided meditation (River of Love) is truly amazing. I hadn't meditated before I wasn't sure what to expect. From the moment it started I felt instantly calmer. It was not only soothing but enlightening. I felt very peaceful afterwards and it's something I will now return to in order to help restore calm within myself."

Alaina - UK, November 2016