Frequently Asked Questions...

How do I book a reading? 


Click here to book your reading INSTANTLY... BOOK ONLINE


Is there any other way to book a reading, or jump the queue? 


If you're a bit techno-phobic (hate computers!) then simply send Lucy a message and she'll call you to book you in... EMAIL LUCY

The quickest way to get a reading with Lucy is usually by phone - for Lucy’s next phone-reading availability, please click here: Book Phone Reading


If you are wanting an email reading super-quick Lucy has introduced an ‘Emergency Reading Service’ - you can now get an email reading with Lucy within ten days and skip the regular 4 week waiting list. To book an Emergency Reading, click here: Emergency Reading


How long do I have to wait for a psychic reading with Lucy? 


Phone readings have varying wait-times, please check Lucy's schedule to see when her next available date is: Book Phone Psychic Reading. For email readings there is usually a 4 week wait from booking to receiving your email. 


Does Lucy do discounts?


There are no variations to pricing or discounts offered at any time.

However if you join Lucy’s Facebook page, she frequently gives free advice, motivation and insight, as she’s really passionate about helping people to change their lives for the better. Lucy's Facebook page.


What kinds of readings does Lucy do?


One on One Phone and Email readings. Please see her readings page on the website for more information (link). 

As Lucy’s readings are so accurate by phone and email, she no longer reads face to face. Having a phone or email reading is just like having Lucy in your home, sitting right next to you. However it’s far more convenient, cheaper and easier for you. 


Lucy doesn’t need to touch you to read you, all psychics connect through energy alone and Lucy finds it easy to simply look at your photo (she will ask you for a selfie) and do everything through that one photo. Sounds magical - it is! 


Lucy does not use tarot cards. She offers detailed and comprehensive readings on your past, present and future, your life path, health, relationships, money, work, career, family, blockages, issues and much more. She can give detailed information about your life path, purpose in life, reason for being, happiness - anything that comes up as an area for improvement or adjustment. As a spiritual guide, she offers practical and useful counsel, advice and motivation for change. 


Lucy is also a physical and mental Medium and connects to friends and family who have passed over, giving proof of life after death and their proximity to you. She is also a very intuitive palm reader and can connect to your past lives and guides – if you would like to know about these areas specifically, please ask Lucy towards the end of the reading  - you're welcome to send her a photo of your palms too if you're interested in what they say!

Where does Lucy do her readings from?


Private sessions are all done by email and phone.  Lucy lives in the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Australia but connects to her clients all over the world. 


I don't live in Australia, can she do remote appointments?


Yes, Lucy reads for people all over the world via Email or Phone. For both remote types of readings, Lucy only needs a recent photo of you. She does not need to meet you in person or have any other details other than your first name and a recent photo.


I’ve emailed Lucy but not heard back yet – what should I do?


Thanks for your email – Lucy gets so many of them each day that it can be a little hard to get back to all of them quickly. However she will endeavour to get back to you within 48 hours. 


Does Lucy read for children?


Lucy reads for adults (over 18) without consent and minors (16-18 years) with a signed consent form (link to form). 


Lucy does not read for under 16’s.


Can Lucy connect to pets (deceased or alive)? 


Yes. Lucy is also an experienced animal communicator and can 'converse' with pets using a photograph. Animal Communication is a specific skill during which the animal 'communicates' using clairvoyantly obtained images, not words as such.  More info


Can I record my reading? 


Yes. Phone Readings can be recorded on your smart phone. Email Readings will be sent as a document you can read, print and keep forever to refer back to. 


I need to hear from Lucy urgently – what can I do? 


For an emergency reading, please book The Cross Roads Emergency Email Reading - sent to you within ten working days. 


What if Lucy sees things I don’t want to know? 


Lucy’s readings are empowering, uplifting and motivational. She will tell you what you need to hear to bring more happiness, contentment and peace into your life, to harness the power of forgiveness and release anything negative which is holding you back. Her readings are very deep, personal and often life changing and she finds that clients leave with a renewed sense of purpose, increased confidence and hope for the future. She may see into the past, into situations that bring emotion forward but this is done to release these energies and allow you to gain understanding and forgiveness of the situation. To empower you. She not only gives resolution to the questions you have (without asking you a thing!) but she will dip deep enough to bring you soul contentment too. 


Does Lucy do psychic/spiritual healing? 


As a physical and mental medium and psychic, Lucy is able to channel energy to give healings. She does not offer healing during the majority of her readings but if you specifically require spiritual healing, please let Lucy know towards the end of the reading when she offers you an opportunity to ask questions. If Lucy feels that you need some healing during the session, she will offer you the opportunity to receive healing from her.

Does Lucy do house clearing (of unwanted spirits)? 


Lucy appreciates that having an unwanted spirit guest in your house may be disturbing or worrying you, therefore she offers face to face connection and advice about this and your particular visitor within a private reading.


She does not travel to your home or perform traditional house clearances, she will arm YOU with the tools and knowledge to create a comfortable and safe, peaceful home environment through her explanation of how spirit world works and how you can take control of any issues you feel you are facing.


Lucy will empower you to take practical and logical steps to gaining peace within your home - she doesn't align with sage burning, crystals and incantations for this, she uses very simple, logical and practical communication techniques. 


Does Lucy do palm reading?


Yes, Lucy is an experienced Palm Reader and can incorporate palmistry into her readings – if you’d like to know more about your palm and what it says about you, feel free to ask Lucy and she will be happy to show you the fascinating facts on your palm using a photo of your palms. If you are interested in Palmistry, you will love Lucy's ONLINE Introduction to Palmistry EWorkshop - more details here


If I get nervous will this affect my reading? 


Being nervous won’t affect your reading. It’s very common for people to be nervous before and during the start of a reading. As long as you are open minded and not scared, your connection will be great. Lucy will make you feel comfortable and relaxed and eliminate any worry or nervousness so please don’t worry. 


How often can I or should I have a reading? 


For psychic readings, Lucy believes that only you and your soul know when you require guidance so she is happy to leave you to decide when to come back and see her. 


If you require a regular coaching session with Lucy, please book her lifestyle intuitive coaching services. (more info)

What does Lucy need from me to do a remote psychic reading? 


When you purchase an email reading,  Lucy will send you an email requesting a current 'selfie' photo and your questions or area(s) you'd like covered in your reading, unless you would like her to 'freestyle' and simply tell you what she is guided to, which you can specify in your return email to Lucy. When you book a phone reading, Lucy will email you a day or two before the reading asking for a 'selfie' photo only. It's important that you send this within the timeframe Lucy requests as otherwise she will be unable to connect to you in detail - Lucy connects to you before your reading to ensure she has a good link when you call. If she doesn't receiv your photo, Lucy will be happy to reschedule the reading for you. 


Didn't find the answer you're looking for?


Email your question to Lucy

'Incredibly Insightful and accurate...'

Thank you so much. Every word is indeed deeply connected to me.

Incredibly insightful and accurate. Your gift is beautiful.


Thank you again for your guidance and wisdom with this. I know this was a challenging one. You delivered it so beautifully with compassion. 

Tammy, Australia August 2019. The Journey, Email Psychic Reading. 

'Spot on...'

Thanks so much for doing my reading. I shed some (read: lots of) tears. The baby boy in spirit definitely wasn't mine but it could be my big brother who was born very premature and didn't live for more than a couple of weeks. 

As for my personal life, yup, you hit that spot on. Thanks again for taking time for me. 

A.J. Scotland, UK. August 2019. The Journey, Email Psychic Reading. 

'She completely blew my mind!'


I didn't really know what to expect from my reading with Lucy, as I had never had one before. However, within the first five minutes she had completely blown my mind.


She covered a number of things before I could even ask and was completely spot on. She has such a beautiful nature and gives information in a way that makes you feel very positive about yourself and your future.


I walked away from my reading feeling more clear-headed and inspired than I have in years. I have already recommended her to my friends and family and would not hesitate to do the same for strangers.


Thank you, Lucy, for helping me towards a brighter and happier future (much more quickly than I would've achieved by myself). 


S. Townsville. February 2016. 1/2hr psychic reading. 

'One of the most talented mediums I have ever experienced...'


My reading with Lucy was an absolute pleasure, she is one of the most talented mediums I have experienced.


I was immediately comfortable with Lucy and she covered everything I wanted to know, and more, before I could ask. Lucy would be especially great for those who have little experience or have yet to be read.


C.S. Sydney, Australia. 1hr phone Psychic Reading. December 2015

'I absolutely loved my reading with you! Spot on!'


I am so very thankful that I met you. I absolutely loved my reading with you, you were spot on with everything you said. You are a very warm and calming person and expressed information in such an amazing way.


I have recommended you to my friends and am sure you will be hearing from them, I also booked in for your workshop and am so very much looking forward to it, I cant wait!!!


Thank you so much you have definitely helped me to start looking forward to a happier future.


A.B. Townsville Australia. 1/2hr psychic reading. December 2015



'Wonderful reading, it helped me a great deal, thank you...'


Many thanks again for your wonderful reading. It helped me a great deal with a very awkward situation and my husband and I had a beautiful weekend away, thanks to your inspiration.


I played some of the recording of the reading to my sister. She is very keen to see you as well and I shall definitely be back. I would also like 2 of your books please!


J. Queensland Australia. 1hr indepth psychic reading. December 2015

'Your insight was very accurate!'


Thank you very much Lucy.  I loved meeting you and found your insight very accurate.  You have helped me to feel more confident moving forward and go after the things I have been wanting to for so long.


Your warm and friendly manner made me feel at ease through this process.  I look forward to seeing you again sometime. Thanks again. 


B.H. Queensland, 1hr in-depth Psychic Reading. December 2015

'Fantastic! I've already recommended you and will have another reading!'


Lucy was fantastic for both predictions and spiritual contact/guidance over Skype. She is personable and warm but still gives clear and direct answers. She picked up immediately on my most pressing questions and later gave additional information I hadn't thought to seek but was glad to receive.


We have experienced miscarriage and are struggling to conceive again; Lucy gave not just a timeline for pregnancy but also some understanding of why it was happening.


She also connected very accurately with deceased loved ones and my (living) dog. I have already reccommended her to several friends and will return for another reading.


A.H. Jordan. 1 hr Skype Indepth Psychic Reading. November 2015 

'So right, so true... I certainly recommend this experience...'


Your reading reassured me that, whilst I am currently facing such a difficult situation, things will turn out okay for me. Your reading made me think of the possibilities and opportunities that my current situation might eventually offer me. Much more often since seeing you, I do think of a transformed, not deficient, future.


You told me things I did not want to hear, truthful things, which meant that I knew I could trust you, that you were not going to placate me with empty promises, and that I could trust what you were going to say. That gave me a lot of faith in the things you did say, and allowed me to believe you.


The things you told me were so right, and echoed things I knew were true. You have given me so much to think about, and a new belief that my path will eventually be wonderful. I would certainly recommend this experience to anyone facing big changes in their life, or who need help to see a guiding light.


You made me feel important and valued, and at a time like this, I really appreciated being reminded of my strengths, as well how to control my weaknesses. I think of your words often, and they bring me a lot of comfort.


Thanks Lucy, you have really helped me and I appreciate it. 


E.M. Queensland. 1hr ndepth psychic reading. November 2016

'You are a genius!'

Thank you so much Lucy! You have absolutely made me have a different outlook and everything you said was spot on accurate!


You are the best and I'll definitely be back and I will let everyone know how good you are. You are a genius! Thanks again.


C. J. October 2015, 1/2hr accurate psychic reading, Townsville, Australia. 


'Thank you doesn't really cover it!'


Well... not sure what to say to all that Lucy!  Thank you is a start, but doesn't really cover it.  It's been an emotional read, you don't know how jealous I am that you got to spend time with my precious grandma... Don't worry about me being upset about my girls playing together - that is the most beautiful image I will treasure... 


It was a difficult read about my husband, but again you are right... Workwise again spot on... Thank you again for taking the time to look so closely - I only hope I can use the insight you have given in a constructive way. (edited to ensure privacy).


K.V. United Kingdom. Psychic Email Reading Reading using photograph only - November 2015.


'Blown Away!' 


"I went to Lucy as a skeptic referred to by my Doctor. I was blown away in a few minutes and everything she said was things I knew were true, but never had the courage to accept.


After this short meeting I have a new vision for life. She listed all the strengths and shortcomings I face with proper career guidance. Personally she is one of the most genuine people I have ever met."


P.N. Townsville, Australia. 1/2hr psychic reading - November 2015


'Highly recommended!'



I went to Lucy after what's been a really tough year, and her reading gave me so much clarity and hope. She was spot on with her descriptions of me and family members, and her friendly, warm approach made me feel very comfortable. I highly recommend her." 


E. Townsville, Australia. 1hr indepth psychic reading - October 2015



'So spot on'



"Thanks Lucy you are so beautiful and felt very relaxed with you , your insight into my children was amazing and so spot on with them and it was wonderful to meet you" 


D.D. Townsville, Australia. 1hr indepth psychic reading - October 2015



"I just want to say thank you so much for your reading. You were spot on with all information and gave great guidance. I felt amazing after my session. Great energy was felt today. 


I will definitely be recommending you to any person who is after a little guidance and clarity in their life. 


It was a such a blessing for you to be able to connect with some of my loved ones also. Gave me such joy." 


Nicola Pierce, Townsville, Queensland Australia. 1hr indepth psychic reading - August 2015