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1:1 Psychic Mediumship Reading




60 min

About this Session

1:1 Private Sessions

Here are my one-off sessions that allow you to sit with Spirit energy for about 60 - 120 minutes. In these sessions, we will connect with your guides, angels, loved ones and more to receive valuable messages. Be ready and open to receive wisdom that can help lead you to feeling closer to hope, healing and to a path of fulfillment. These sessions will also provide you with deeper insight and validation, whether you’re looking to connect with a loved one across the veil, you’re simply curious about what’s in store from your divine team, or in need of energetic support. I am so honored to serve you in this way!

This is the perfect session if you…

  • Are looking to connect with a departed loved one.

  • Feeling unfulfilled or lost; let’s connect with your Divine Team for support, direction and tools to help guide you!

  • Have never been to a Medium before and you’re feeling super curious! Ready to learn and play!

  • You don’t have a specific or single need, but you are looking for spiritual support. You’re excited and open to see what comes up!

  • Have been receiving signs (angel numbers, animals, songs, etc.). You’re not sure what they are, what they mean or what to do with them. Let’s figure it out together!

  • Are a highly sensitive soul, you’ve had spiritual experiences. Let’s get clear and awaken your gifts! I'm here to be your guide, cheerleader and mentor!


  • Voxer support (3 business days) = $187

  • Catch up call 45min = $74

Your Modern Medium

Alexandra (Bebe) Shelly

I’m so, so deeply over the moon that you’re here. My name is Alexandra Shelly, friends and family call me Bebe. I’m a Psychic Medium, Channeler and Intuitive. I’m from Southern California, born and raised. I’ve been a lover of people, connection and an innate-creative ever since I could remember. Not only is it a joy to be a creator, but it’s an absolute honor to create side-by-side with Spirit.

Alexandra (Bebe) Shelly
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