Freedom through Forgiveness - A life changing workshop

by Lucy Day & Tamara Hogan  

"Forgiveness doesn't make you weak, it makes you free..." Lucy Day, The Modern Medium ​

Fed up with being held back? Sick of the story? Want to move forward in your life with freedom in your mind AND heart? It's time to forgive.​

If you feel it's time to let go of the story,  then this life-changing workshop is for you. Lucy Day, International Psychic Medium and Tamara Hogan, The Creative Coping Coach will guide you through their proven methods for moving on and letting go - for good.​


No matter the trauma, the seriousness or the seemingly superficial your issues, we will work with you during these information packed workshops, giving you the tools and motivation to change the story for a freer future. We will teach you not only to forgive others but also to forgive yourself - it's time to LET GO and LIVE!​


Time to make freedom your new mantra... we can't wait to put the power of forgiveness in your hands. ​

Lucy & Tamara​

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