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"If you're looking for direction, feeling lost or simply want a book that will give you back your 'tigger bounce' then give this little gem a go... you'll be glad you did!" 


E. C. UK 

Personal Power: From Passenger to Pilot by Lucy Day 'The Modern Medium'

Available in Kindle & Paperback

Lucy's first book, 'From Passenger to Pilot' has received a cult-following from her clients and their friends around the world, described by more than one as 'her bible' it's become a bed-side favourite of men and women who have decided 'enough is enough', it's time to take their power back and take control of the destination. 

If you feel like a passenger in your life, as though life is happening to you and you've lost a bit of control, this book is for you. 

'From Passenger to Pilot' is a collection of 28 simple strategies and inspiring personal stories which will motivate you to make positive and lasting changes in your life. 

Beware: side effects include increased contentment, focus, patience, appreciation of life, peace and a greater feeling of purpose and calm. You've been warned! 

Don't just take it from me: see Lucy's testimonials below...


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Here's what others are saying...
A selection of just some of the gorgeous letters I've received

I read your book. Awesome. Very readable. I have read it so quickly but the truth is there. So it was very easy to read and thoroughly enjoy your lovely book.

Adrienne. Townsville. May 2016 

"Your book really hit home. Since starting it I have really changed my outlook at work and no longer allow my boss to bully me. Can't wait to read the rest of the book. Thank you so much." 

Rosie. Townsville. August 2016 

"Wow! what a book, I'd swear that you wrote this book just for me and me only.  Every single chapter held a message for me and also advice on how to conquer my fears, my doubts, change my friendships, my relationship, my career, my home. My friend and I call your book "our Bible!"


This is my new mantra  - "My life is a product of my choices, not my circumstances." Before I had the opportunity to come across these words I was a product of my upbringing, my ex husband, my current partner, my boss, my staff... it was all their fault that I have/had a shitty life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I know you are an Angel on earth and how lucky am I to have you come into my life."


L.F. Townsville - March 2016. 


"Wanted say how much I enjoyed reading your book. Full of gems of advice that I'm definitely going to re-read it and highlight the text that really stuck out for me.


Reading it was divinely timed too in terms of my journey and a lot of things just 'clicked'! Looking forward to your next book :)"

Renee. Townsville. June 2016